4 Years !!

Jan 11, 2011

Well here I am. I can't believe it was 4 years ago I had surgery. I am glad I did it and now I am struggling with eating. I am eating too much junk. I have gone up 16 pounds from 2 years ago. I have not exercised faithfully. I need to get my motivation back before I make myself sick. I have gone up a pant size and am sad I no longer fit into my 4's. I have a lot of tops that are tight and I look like I have a muffin belly. I won't do the skin removal but I know I have to back to doing something. Becaues I remember how bad I felt about myself. I will check in next year or maybe sooner. I need to do this for me !! I still am glad I can't eat like I used to as far as quantitys. I still get full but not when I graze :( I'll write again. I am not writing myself off..


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