I have been overweight for over 25 years. When my youngest daughter was 5 I lost 72 pounds on Weight Watchers and I kept if off for 2 years, It felt so good to be thin that I can still remember it.  My 3 daughters and my husband were involved in a alot of sports and we ate alot of fast food.  A quick lunch at the local deli and fast food for supper (McDonalds is my favorite).  It didn't take long to put it back on.  I think I have joined WW every year since, but I lose 15 or so and then it comes right back on because  I just can't seem to stick to it.    

My daughter has been mentioning WLS to me for awhile.  Taking time off of work is always what stopped me.  Well, in January of 2008 the Jewelry store I worked in for 18 years closed and the thought of going on interviews looking the way I do made me sick.  Since I had all the time in the world now, my biggest excuse was gone.  In April I went to my family doctor for a check up and I weighed 203 pounds.  That was my highest weight yet.  I am only 4'10" tall so I am almost as round as I am tall.   I was afraid of what his reaction might be when I mentioned what I was thinking about, but to my surprise he was thrilled.  He even said "do you want today to be your first visit"?  And so the 6 month process started. 

My doctor suggested a local doctor, Dr. Maloof.  I took all of the paperwork my PCP gave me and went immediately to the surgeons office.  To my surprise he didn't even want to meet with me until after I had completed my 6 months of testing.  The lady at the desk gave me some prescriptions for testing and said don't gain any weight or the insurance won't approve you.  I left that office with no guidance and in complete confusion.  I knew several woman who had the by-pass recently so I took time to look them up and they all recommeded Dr. Quinlin and Dr. Means of St. Margarets in Pittsburgh.  Their office specializes in by-pass and band surgery. 

I called for an appointment and was told I needed to attend a seminar.  My husband and I attended the seminar and I left there so excited!  Dr. Means  explained everything and even took time to talk to anyone afterwards that had questions.  I was worried about previous scar tissue because I have had 3 C-Sections and a hysterectomy .  Dr. Means assured me that there shouldn't be any complications.  Next , my daughter and I met with Dr. Means,  the Nutritionist, and a girl who set up all of my testing dates.  I felt so comfortable with my new Surgeon and his office.  When I went to my PCP, I told him about my experience and suggested he start sending his by-pass patients to someone who specializes in this type of surgery if he wants his patients to succeed. 

Well, I am scheduled to have my physical on Sept. 23rd and then all of my paperwork and testing should be done.  My surgery is scheduled for October 15, 2008 if everything is approved. 

I have been doing a lot of reading and appreciate all of the helpful hints I have been getting from friends.  I have been saving pages of recipes from this site also. 

I am so excited to start my New Life!!!!!  I welcome any encouragement and suggestions!!!!!!!!!!

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