Jun 15, 2009

I reached my 125 lb.  GOAL on June 11, 2009.  4 days before I was 8 months out..   I feel wonderful!!!!  I am Averaging 800-900 calories, 50-70 Carbs, and 60-80 Protein per day.   MY DH says I have lost enough so I am going to try to increase my calories and see if I can maintain.  The first sign of a few pounds coming back on and staying I will right back on my strict program.  I WANT TO BE A SUCCESS!!!!!  I have never been successful at losing and keeping off my extra weight and this was the last resort so IT HAS TO WORK!!!!!!  I love being thin!!!  I love being able to get off the floor without help!!!  I love being able to cross my legs!!!!  I love being able to run after the grandchildren and not being out of breath!!! 

I just bought my first size 4 pants!!!!!!  Most of my pants are 6's and my tops are S/M Petites.  I made my 28 year old DD #3 take her jeans off the other day so I could try them on.  They zipped right up!!!  I would never wear them out in public because they are too fitted, but it was great to know they fit!!

This has been quite an exciting journey.  It is crazy how your life and the way you think about food changes instantly after you have surgery.  It happens so fast that your mind can't keep up to your new body. Was it the easy way out....NO!!!!  Do I feel like I can keep it off....YES!!!!  I look at my old pictures and I am shocked because I really didn't think I was that fat.  My DD's say the same thing when they look at old pictures of me.  It is funny how in your mind you see things differently than they really are because you are used to it seeing it that way.  My eyes have been opened....I was FAT and I NEVER want to be FAT AGAIN!!!!! 

Things I liked to eat before WLS aren't as important to me any more.  I don't need  cookies, candy bars, Diet Pepsi, potatoe chips, etc.  to be happy now.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could pass those things up.  My DH loves the mini M&M cookies and every once in awhile I reach in his bag and take one and I am perfectly content with that 1 mini cookie.   Even at 8 months out, I still have the fear of Dumping on sugar and fats, so RNY was a good choice for me.  I know that I have to stop at 1or my body is going to take on an ugly side of its own!

I Praise GOD for giving me this Life Changing Opportunity.  I don't keep my WLS a secret, because if my sharing just helps one person better their life it is worth the few odd looks that I get.  


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