5 pounds under Goal!!!!

Jul 28, 2009

Well, I hit the 120 mark.  I have my bounce back 5 so I hope I quit losing now.  I've tried increasing my calories and Proteins but I guess my body isn't ready to stop yet.  I promised my DH that I would try really  hard not to lose any more, but I don't seem to have any control over it. 

Although I have increased my intake, I am still short as to the amount my NUT wants me to get to, but I have a fear of gaining back my weight. Meats and my pouch don't always agree, so   I don't know how to increase my calories without increasing my carbs and "bad" carbs are a weakness for me. 

I am 56 years old and it has been at least 38 years since I weighed 120.  I weighed 134 when I got married 35 years ago and my wedding dress was a size 13 and then I slowly worked myself up to a 20-22.  I'm wearing size 6's and PS now and I even have a few 4's.  Although all 3 of my DD's weigh under 125....I weigh less and I plan on staying there!!!!!!   Every time I buy something new to wear someone wants to borrow it....usually DD #1. 

My biggest regret is not having WLS years ago when my energy level would have been greater and my skin would have bounced back instead of sagging.  My thighs look like I am 100 years old....gross!    Those of you that have grabbed this great opportunity in your 20's,  30's and  40's enjoy every second of it!!!!!  Your early decision has given you the greatest gifts you could have given yourself and your families......health, youth and time are all things to cherish.....ENJOY!!!!!!


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