I made my first attempt a few years back and was declined and at that time I took it as a sign from God that WLS was not for me.  Since then, my weight consistently kept creeping up.  I tried supervised diets with the same results, weight came off temporaily, and then it came back with a few additional added pounds for good measure.

My mother passed away in May of 2006.  She suffered with complications of the obesity that plagued her all her life, diabetes, high blook pressure.  The last 5 yrs of her life, were spent, on dialysis, 3 times a week, she developed congestive heart failure.  It took losing my mother to complication of obesity that made me decided that I was not going to allow that to happen me.  I want to be aound for my wife and kids and hopefully my grandkids.

I started to research doctors and hospitals, to find a place where I felt that would help me to achieve my goal of being approved for weight loss surgery.  I found Dr.  Shauer at the Cleveland Clinic, and both he and the hospital are great.  I am extremely happy with the services that I have been receiving at the Cleveland Clinic and of my interaction with Dr. Shauer.  I was on my final steps waiting for my insurance company to finish reviewing my request, when I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call from my doctor's office inquiring if we had spoken about a date for surgery and I informed the nurse that I was still awaiting an answer from the insurance company and the nurse then informed me that I had been approved by the insurance company for WLS. 

I now have a scheduled date of Oct. 3, 2007 for my WLS and I am excited about what the future now holds for me and my family.

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