Weekend (Day 3 & 4) Done

Sep 24, 2007

It was an interesting weekend as Saturday, we took off on a day trip down south to the Amish countryside here in Ohio.  It was a fantastic day for just such a trip.  I am an adventurous type of person, so I decide to just head a little further south than the normal route and see what we could discover.  It was a fun trip.  Discovered some new things that we had never seen before in the Amish countryside.  Took some of the side rodes to see were they lead and just had fun discovering new areas to visit.

Late in the afternoon, everyone was hungry and we stopped at one of the local Amish restraurant where I was able to order a bowl of the broth of the chicken noodle soup, and was fortunate enough, that I was able to order a second bowl of broth and was not charged for it.

On Sunday, I received a pleasant surprise.  We had not seen our neighbor for a while, which was strange because normally we see each other in our respective backyards.  We knew that they were their, because we had seen our neighbors parents visit her and we had seen the husband pulling out of the driveway at different times, but had not actually seen them just being around as they normally are.  Well, it turned out that my neighbor was recuperating from having had WLS.

Surprise, surprise. I was shocked to say the least.  She had never made mention of the fact that she was even thinking about having WLS surgery done, and she knew when I first started on this journey that I had been trying to get approved for WLS.  She is now 12 days out, and she has lost 20 pounds thus far.  I am hoping that she will be little more open about her experience thus far especially as I approach my own surgery day of Oct. 3.

Day #2 Liquid Diet

Sep 21, 2007

Not easy is at all, is all I can say.  Last night just having the broth of a chicken noodle soup was not fun.  But I managed to get thru it and I am thankful day one is over and the start of day two so far is going well.  

Will keep pressing ahead, I know that in a couple more days it will be much easier and am thankful that the weekend is here and it will be much easier being at home than at work trying to do this.

Start of my 2 week liquid diet

Sep 20, 2007

Ok, I knew that going into this it would be a challenge.  Two weeks nothing but liquids is not easy, but I am determined to get thru this to add to the assurance that my surgery (Oct. 3) will be a success.

My sister having had this surgery done last year and her not following her doctor's advise about following his recommendation to do the two week liquid diet prior to the surgery has convinced me that it is in the best interest for me to follow my own surgeon's recommendation. 

In addition, it gets me into the mind set of being on liquids for at least two weeks after the surgery.

More to follow.

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