Feel human today.

Nov 08, 2006

I don't know what I did different last night but think I actually slept.  I woke up feeling that way anyway.  I'm hoping to get house work done today... which is the hope of everyday....lets see how it goes. 

I'm waiting for my PCP to write the letter I need to have the bariatric center send for approval.....  so I"m in another waiting mode.  Nothing I can do right now.

Feeling tired.

Oct 27, 2006

I figured I would start writing on how things are going.  I posted earlier today how I've been feeling tired.  I had many great responses... as I always do when I ask for advice.  

Mainly, I think I have got to start moving... I'm going to start walking as much as I can.  Also watching my food intake, make better choices and drinking that water w/wo  crystal light.  

I want to live a great life.  I want to experience everything I can.  

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Feel human today.
Feeling tired.