As long as I can remember I have been overwieght.  I have memories of me when I  was little lying in front of the tv eating snickers bars.  I have always loved food and i grew up in a family that had a lot of get togethers which involved food and lots of it.  I remember when i was in junior high school every summer my mom would put help with the lastest fad diet so I could see if could lose the extra pounds before school started the next year but I never did.  I always hung around the girls that were skinny and the latest fashion but I couldnt wear them, they didnt make my fat girl sizes.  I was 170 pounds when I was a senior in high school, now in those days that was fat, but when I look back on it, I was the bomb. (lol)  Then came college and the freshman 15 i think it is but mine was more like 20-25.  Then I found a wonderful little pill that was my savior PONDOMIN.  I took that for about 6 months lost a lot of weight, hardly ever ate until my family doctor said it wastn safe for me to be on any more and he stopped me cold turkey and the weight came back and then some.  So from that point it was fad diets and excercise plans.  I would order every new work out tape known to man, (you outta see what i got now) and with in the past 5 years I have joined 24 Hour Fitness about 10 times.  So Finally in February of 2005 I joined LA Weight Loss.  For the fist 5 months a did great but by the summer i couldnt get the remainder of the weight off and and the weight started coming back, by this time I was so discussed I didnt know what to do, I refused to go back to LAW, cause I would get some any conflicting accounts on how to lose weght, do this way, eat this many bars i was DONE.  One morning I was getting ready for work and I say the commercial for TLC with Dr Speigel and I went on his web site and read up on him and procedure then I called my insurance company to see if I was covered and the I was at 100% (WOW) I called his office scheduled my fee seminar visit.  I really liked Dr Speigel he went into details about the causes of obesity and the different surgeries and the possible side efftects.  He gave a lot of information in a very short period of time.  Within 2 weeks of my conuslation with him I was approved for the surgery.  On September 8, 2006 I had the Laproscopic Banding Procedure, performed by Dr Felix Speigel and my life changed  on that day.  Within the first 7 days i lost 10 pounds, I was amazed and shokced and people around me could see a differnce.  I still continure to struggle with my weightloss and eating habits, but its a day by day thing and i didnt gain the weight over night so i can expect to lose it over night.

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