Initial Consultation

Aug 14, 2009

Well where do I start.  Today I had my Initial consultation at Dr. Washingtons office.  I met with Emilie, the P.A. and Bariatric Coordinator.  She explained everything to me in detail, and walked me through the process of what I need to do to get insurance approval.  For the next six months, I will have monthly meetings with Julie, the nutritionist, as well as getting my pulmonary, cardiac, and psychological clearance.  I would Like to say that I have decided on the gastric bypass, although I am not quite sure yet.  It is such a hard decision.  I know I can commit to the changes either way, the problem is the maintenance aspect.  I am a full time Pre-Med student, and also a full time Pharmacy Technician.  You could imagine how busy I am, with that said, I feel like I cannot 100% commit to the lap-band requirements of monthy adjustments, and check-ups.  Furthermore, being such an independant person, I feel that I will do better on my own knowing that my success is based on myself, and myself alone.  I have plenty of time to decide I guess, 6 months at least.   

2 More!

Jul 31, 2009

 only two more weeks until the seminar, and my consultation with Dr. Washington and his staff.  I'm very excited, and nervous at the same time.  I can't wait!!!!!!

Took the first step

Jul 27, 2009

 Well I went ahead and took the first step on my wls journey.  I went ahead and called Dr. Washingtons office and scheduled a consultation.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I can only wonder what he has to say.  I'll be back on to update as time progresses.

Update: I am actually attending Dr. Washingtons seminar August 13th, and my Consult is the following day.

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