Cape Fear Valley Bariatrics Program

"It was a very nice Hospital"

Leo Davidson

"My first impression of Dr. Davidson was he was very nice. My impression of him did not change it just got better. His office staff really cares about you, most of them have had the gastric by-pass them self, so they really understand what you are going through. There is nothing about him I don't like. Future patients should know that he really cares about his patients and he will do all he can to help them. He could emphasize aftercare a little more. But in the short time that I have been with him that has got allot better. Yes he does have a structured aftercare program and its getting better all the time, but its up to you as the patient to stick to the aftecare program. Its worth it. Yes he addresses the risks very well. I would rate Dr. Davidson a 9. Both are great, his surgical competence and his bedside manner is fabulous. If you are in the area and are thinking of having the gastric by-pass done and you have talked to doctors in Pinehurst Please go see Dr. Davidson before you make a choice. Then make a choice after you meet Dr. Davidson please."
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