2 Years already?

May 15, 2011

Wow! It doesn't seem possible.  I have lost about 150 pounds and had a little bounce back weight, but I think I am pretty steady where I am and I feel great.  My blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is down to 140 from 299 and I haven't had one high blood sugar since the day of surgery.  So I feel like it was all worth it, I have so much more fun in my life now and no longer struggle with all the things I did before WLS.  I can run, walk, jump, and play.  I can wipe my ass without doing contortions to reach all the necessary parts and best of all, I can do things with my kids and my husband that before I stayed on the bench and watched from the sidelines.

Here we are, 19 months post op.

Dec 22, 2010

I got down to a low of 202 pounds, but only stayed there a few days and it started to go the other way. Is this when my bounce begins? I sure hope I am not done losing, granted I am not trying real hard right now but I plan to get back on the band wagon after the holidays. I really had hoped to get under 200, and thought I might actually get to my goal of 180 leaving me some bounce room. Now, I am just not sure and a little angry with myself for not making the most of my honeymmon period. I started some bad habits back that I thought I would never do.  We shall see from here.

I think I have arrived... at the end of the honeymoon...

Apr 12, 2010

Well, I can eat pretty much what  a "normal" person can eat. I am happy with how much I can eat and don't want/need to eat anymore. I still exercise pretty regularly, but the scale has not budged for months. I think I am here.  I also think I am okay with that.  Today I put on a shirt that I used to wear fifteen years ago when I was dating my DH.  I waited until I was the same weight to wear it, but I definately missed my window of opportunity....  the shirt is way too big. 

Can't wait to exercise???

Jan 02, 2010

That doesn't sound like something I would ever say!  But it's true. I had surgery on December 9th and have to wait to exercise again until cleared on January 25th!  Yikes! I cannot lose any weight without exercising, I don't sleep as well, and I just don't have the same energy or pride in myself.  I go to Las Vegas on February 26th, so I have one month from the time I can start to exercise again and when I leave and I plan to take off twenty pounds during that time. Some how, some way I'm gonna do it!

Time to exercise.

Nov 01, 2009

Well, in the beginning before I went back to work I liked to exercise.  But then slowly but surely I stopped. Well consequently, so has my weight loss.  So I have started to exercise again, I don't mind it.  It's just taking the time to actually do it.  For the last four days I have done 30 minutes of step aerobics on the Wii.  It is kind of fun, but yesterday I did it barefoot and now my left heel is killing me.  No more exercising without sneakers! 

I really want to get under 200 pounds, and would like to before I go to California/Vegas the end of February, that seems unlikely but I'm sure gonna try.  That's about 17 weeks from now so that would be 3 pounds a week.  I better ramp up the exercise if I'm gonna do that!!!

Four months... where has the time gone?

Sep 03, 2009

Time, where have the pounds gone?  When I started my Pre-op diet on May 3rd I weighed a little over 360 pounds, this morning I weighed in at 267.7, it quickly jumped to 268... but that's okay.  I know if I keep doing what I'm doing it has to come off, it's simple math.  If I continue to take in 1000-1200 calories a day and expend at a minimum of 2600 than I will lose a couple of pounds a week. Of course without exercise you really have to limit how much you eat and I like to eat too much to do that.  So I will continue to exercise.  I can't wait to go back to the gym, I have been helping hubby mow for the past 3-4 weeks and haven't had time, but Fall is approaching and the grass will start to slow down soon.

So far I don't have any regrets over this surgery, sometimes I wish I could turn off a button and inhale a cheeseburger and onion rings or chinese food and ice cream but that isn't how it works.  It's only food, fuel for the body.  It isn't meant to be more, but it can still be enjoyable and nutritious and that is what I'm working on now.

I really want to make sure that I incorporate more whole foods in my diet and exclude most if not all pre-made foods.  I am not ready to give up splenda, and don't plan to unless they come out with some evidence that suggests that it is unhealthy.  I try to eat more things that are natural, without things added to them and the stuff I buy that is pre-packaged I try to be sure that there aren't a lot of ingredients, or junk in them.  It's hard and a trip to the grocery store now takes hours, but it will get easier and easier.

For now I will continue to drink coffee (regular and decaf) with splenda and light cream and will supplement my diet with protein shakes until I can accomodate enough healthy food to meet all my requirements.  I would say it shouldn't be long now! 

Now, off to lose the other 93 pounds I need to lose!  I am half way there!
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Six weeks Post Op

Jul 01, 2009

So last Friday I was six weeks post op. I have lost a total of 63 pounds since starting my liquid diet on May 3rd and 43 pounds since my surgery.  I finally, for the first time in seven years am under 300 pounds.  Hard to believe that I was in so much pain and discomfort just two months ago.

I can eat/tolerate just about anything and one of the lucky people who have had no complications. I rarely, if ever get sick to my stomach and never have nasea. I can eat about four ounces of food at a sitting and eat about one thousand calories a day.  Far more than many people can eat, but I feel much better energy wise when I get more calories in.

I am not as afraid of carbs as many WLS patients, I have very few but I do have them. I may eat a 1/4 piece of wheat toast with my scrambled egg, or a 1/2 oz. of pasta with a meatball and sauce for supper. I still make sure I get my protein in and weighing my food on the plate is the best way for me to gauge what/how much I can eat.

My newest addiction though it coffee and I drink about six cups a day now (six ounce cups).  I switch to decaf after my morning two cups.  It goes down much better than water.  Water is my only problem, it physically hurts my tummy and gives me gas pains.  I drink it, but it is work.

Vitamins are easy, I pack them up for the week on Sunday and put them in my purse so I always have them.  I no longer take any prescription medicines and my blood pressure and blood sugars are normal.

I go to the gym at least three times a week, try to go five.  It is kind of fun and it surprises me how much I can do. 

Home from the hospital.

May 17, 2009

Well it was everything I expected and nothing I expected...  The nausea after surgery took six different meds to control and it made me so out of it I was worthless.  I can't stand being that looped up.  Finally the next day I started to sober up and realized that it wasn't too bad.  Very little pain and the walking was a Godsend.  You would think it would be hard but it feels so great and gets the gas pains moving. Now that I'm home I have to think of a new game plan, I have been going up and down the stairs, but it's not a long enough duration to keep the gas pains at bay.   
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I'm a liquid diet cheater.

May 08, 2009

Yes, I have cheated on my liquid diet.  I hbrowke down yesterday and had a cup of lobster stew.  I also had some broccolli and cheese soup two days before that and I didn't strain out the broccolli.  It's hard to think of seafood and vegetables as being a no-no.  So back at it again, I'm just praying I don't have the tiredness and dizziness I have now after surgery.

So I have less than a week to go now, by this time next week I should be up walking the halls and sipping my water!
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So hard, yet I must purservere!

May 05, 2009

This liquid diet has me a little tired and feeling yucky. All I want to do is go home at night and go to sleep so I don't have to think about it.  My husband is concerned that I am getting depressed. I'm not, just ready for it to be here and be over with.  If I was home and didn't have to sit at work and pretend like I felt 100% that would be different.  Had my DD take my before pictures this weekend. Boy, were those eye-opening!  Just one more reason to do this, beside my health, feeling like a prisoner in my own body, not being able to do things I want to do, etc.

But he did send me some nice flowers at work today, it will all be fine. 

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