Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Apple Ecstasy

"I really didn't expect to like this one. The first sip tasted strange, but the rest of it was really good. This is the first non-chocolate protein powder I've found I could handle."

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center (COE)

"The hospital is currently renting "Bari" beds for overweight patients, that can be adjusted for patients to sleep and get out of bed easily. The nurses' directors even asked me my opinion on it - I think it is a great idea! One small issue: a day before I left, the nurses' station was VERY loud, like they were at a party instead of work. They then had the nerve to come close my door, saying my TV was on too loud! Other than that they were great, but that incident definitely did not bode well for their survey..."

Michael Brennan

"Dr. Brennan and his assistants were very professional as well as courteous. The assistants used a scale that is not only obese-friendly, its functions gave info for obese people (BMI, body fat percentage, etc.). (It seems like such a comprehensive, yet practical, machine that I'm surprised more physicians' offices don't have one.) Since Dr. Brennan is classified as a bariatric surgeon, I was not surprised that he was very experienced in the field. But he did make me feel like a human being, something some doctors fail to do. He asked me if I had any questions about dieting, the surgery, or anything in particular. He did recommend me for the surgery, but requested that I try an eating plan in the meantime, which I was more than happy to do. I would recommend Dr. Brennan to anyone."

Robert Gear

"For some reason, both my surgeon's office and the bariatric center could not recommend someone for a nutritional consult (not sure why, since I'm sure many people don't necessarily have one in mind). And of course my insurance's provider directory didn't list any, so I was left to find a nutritionist through the phone book. While I want people to make their own decisions and use their own judgement, I have to be honest and state that I felt Dr. Gear was not at all helpful, and has his own agenda. Instead of approaching the nutritional aspects of this, he asks about different causes of the obesity, gives his "opinions" about depression (how someone should just get over it) and has many expensive, complicated tests and programs he recommends for people who are "serious about losing the weight". He comes off as a caring person, but I came away from his consultation with more sadness and frustration than anything else."

Alan Newhoff

"My surgeon will either be Dr. Newhoff or his new partner, Dr. Simon (God and insurance co. willing!). Both seem very competent, and the office staff was very helpful and compassionate. I had read before that Dr. Newhoff's beside manner is sort of lacking, and even pre-surgery I can see why people feel that way. From the beginning of the info seminar, Dr. Newhoff makes it very clear that he's not in it for the hand-holding, but to make sure people are well informed about surgery, the requirements for sucess in losing weight (both pre- and post-op), and the risks involved. Dr. Simon seems a little more patient-compassionate, but is also like his partner in his no-nonsense attitude about the surgery. If you're a person who wants total sympathy and hand-holding during this process, honestly, these doctors may not be for you. But I walked away from the seminar feeling that they gave me all possible facts, and that they were very much about having people make informed choices about surgery, and being happy and healthy for years after the surgery was done. They even encourage their patients to call with questions, and come in from time to time so they can make sure everything post-op is going smoothly. While I like the idea of a supportive bedside manner, I'd prefer to have these seemingly competent doctors, and would just plan to get the extra support from my family. The office's aftercare consists of support meetings as well as the post-op visits, which to my understanding were free of charge--definitely a bonus."

Jennifer Smith

"Dr. Smith is a very pleasant person. She answers all questions and makes her patients feel very comfortable. I did feel that she was reluctant to help me in fighting the insurance company, but after pleading with her, she did write me another letter supporting my surgery decision."
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