6 Months Out

Sep 10, 2008

I attended a post-op lecture series tonight.  I realized while I was there that today is the six month anniversary of my surgery.  Yeah me!  And as of this week I've lost 80 lbs.  Again, yeah me!

Thanks to everyone for all their love and support as I continue on this journey!

Nothing New

Sep 01, 2008

Not much new here but my mom said I had to update ;)

According to some people's scales I've now lost 80 pounds.  According to mine I've lost about 75.  Mine has always been a little "off" I think but it's what I've used since the beginning of this journey so it's what I'm sticking with.

I changed my "avator" pic to reveal the "newest" me.  What do you think?  It was a trying process because the site was not cooperating so I'm glad to see it is showing up.  I'll try to get other photos uploaded soon.

Happy Labor Day!

In Disbelief

Jul 14, 2008

I'm now 4 months post op and feeling great.  I am on my annual summer "midwest tour."  On my tour I am visiting friends and family in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.  I didn't weigh for a few days before I left and had been the same weight for awhile.  It wasn't really bothering me since I hadn't worked out for a couple of weeks, etc.  After being home for a few days, I decided to weigh at my mom's house.  According to her scale, I had lost another 10 lbs (15 since I last updated this).  I was thinking that her scale was crazy but pretty cool.  That night I was at my cousin's house and weighed again.  Same thing.  Still not believing it, I weighed at my grandpa's house the next day.  Just about the same.  I was getting closer to believing it but was just unsure.  Well, now I'm in Iowa and weighed on my aunt's scale.  I've decided that since 4 scales have said almost the same thing, it's official.  I've lost 75 lbs!  Wow!  The only problem I'm having is with hair loss.  My hair is looking quite thin and I lose quite a bit each day.  I know I need to up my protein but have problems with it a lot of days.  I've started using Nioxin to encourage hair regrowth.  Hopefully this is only a short-term problem!

I'm signing off now with no promises to update more often!


Minus 60 lbs.

Jun 02, 2008

As of the end of last week, I am down 60 lbs.  In case you were wondering, that is the equivalent to the weight of an elephant's penis.  I love telling people that ;)  And thank you to the unknown woman who had the list of weights and what they are equivalent to, on her blog.  It's made losing weight even more fun!

I took a break from working out last week to an extremely busy week at work.  I got back at it tonight, though and it felt good.  I found out when I got my hair cut last week that my hair is thinning - due to not getting enough protein.  So, I'm determined to up my protein!  I found Achieve1 protein shakes and really enjoyed the Hazelnut Creme.  I ordered a case today so hopefully having a more palatable protein shake to drink will help.

Take care!

2 Months Out

May 11, 2008

It's been awhile, so I guess I should update!  

As of this week, I'm down 51 pounds!  Yeah!  I had my 2 month check-up with Dr. Moazzez on Thursday and everything is good.  He's pleased with my progress.  I did some shopping at Target yesterday and I'm down another size in both pants and shirts.  

I also went to a seminar yesterday, put on by the hospital where I had my surgery.  There was a presenter on dressing to make yourself look thinner and a presenter on healthy cooking.  The chef had RNY 6 years ago and is now a "bariatric chef."  His website is www.chefdave.org.  Overall it was a good seminar.  I'll post some of the style tips soon.

And how could I forget - I'm officially past the pureed stage now.  Yeah!  Chicken is still not agreeing with me but everything else I've tried seems to be okay!

Nothing Much

Apr 18, 2008

Jeez, you don't post for 15 days and people start leaving comments asking for updates!  Just kidding Pat!

I haven't updated because nothing much seems to be happening.  I seem to have plateaued and it's frustrating.  I'm stuck at a loss of 42 pounds.  I know that this happens and my body is just confused but it's still frustrating.  

The eating thing is bothering me again.  I just don't feel like eating - especially not anything I can eat.  I tried some chicken last night in a little bit bigger chunks and it did not work well.  Earlier this week I ate too much, too fast or something because it was the first time I felt really sick.  I took a papaya enzyme and that made me feel better but weird.  I guess I learned my lesson on that one.  

I'm still enjoying working out, which I need to remember on days that I don't want to go.  I've added a few more weight machines to my repertoire and am starting to see a difference in my arms - the muscle, not the flab!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Down 40!

Apr 04, 2008

I am officially down 40 lbs since January 23!  Two people today, who didn't know I've had surgery, asked if I have lost weight.  What a great feeling!  I worked out 3 times so far this week.  I'm debating on whether or not to go tonight or tomorrow.  I hate to put it off but am SO tired right now.  Plus I need to stay at work and get some grading done. 

Eating is going better since last weekend.  My friend made me a ton of chili which was so nice of him.  I love his chili and am eating it for almost every meal.  I need to stop so that I don't get sick of that, too!

Anyway, have a great weekend!

So Tired

Mar 31, 2008

Tonight I had my first workout with a trainer.  It went well, but dude, I'm so tired!  I did treadmill for 10 minutes, then 2 weight machines for my arms, then elliptical for 20 minutes and then a "wave" machine for 15.  The trainer said he wants me to build up my stamina before starting more strenuous things.  I wasn't sure I could make the full 20 minutes on the elliptical but that's what the trainer said to do, so I did.  My legs were kind of jello-y when I was done.  The wave machine was interesting.  You stand on things like on an elliptical, but they must kind of move in a wave-like manner.  Hard to explain and not my favorite part of the workout.

And now, I will watch the last dancer on "Dancing with the Stars" and then go to bed!


Mar 30, 2008

I've been getting some flack for not updating my blog more often.  Sorry!

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post-op.  I'm already tired of the pureed food diet.  If anyone has any good recipes that don't involve cottage cheese, please, please, please, let me know!  This weekend has been hard.  When I'm planning what to eat nothing sounds appealing.  Thinking about some of the food makes my stomach turn.  So that's one problem.

The second is a good problem but still a problem.  I have almost NO dress pants that fit.  I know it's a good problem to have, but when you're getting ready for church and everything you put on is sloppy big, it's kind of frustrating.  

I signed up at Fitness First on Friday and have my first workout tomorrow night.  I have an appointment with a personal trainer to go over how to use the machines, etc.  I'm looking forward to it - and not just because he's a good looking black guy ;)  I'm not sure if I can start lifting weights yet but I hope so.  It's the best part of working out.  I did go for a nice long walk yesterday on the bike path by my apartment.  It was a gorgeous day and it was nice to be out doing something.

Back to Work

Mar 25, 2008

I returned to work yesterday.  Lots of people stopped in to see me and they all said how good I looked ;)  My kids didn't say anything but 4th graders aren't real observant sometimes!  

It's good to be back in a routine.  I left work early yesterday, after the kids did, so that I could go home and rest.  I ended up sleeping for about 3 hours!  Today was a long day with tutoring, the regular day, and then class tonight.  It will be an early night.

I haven't been walking which isn't good.  I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow so that I can do it before work.  I meant to take tennis shoes to work so I can walk while my kids are at recess but I forgot.  I need to get to the gym and sign up so that I can start going before work or after all my evening events!

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