January 14, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

New year, ongoing efforts.  Nothing new about weight loss, just more of the same.  I still exercising, still trying to eat healthy and 'clean', still struggle when traveling, still needing better strategies for dealing with stress from work.  But I'm okay with that because that is the nature of things.  One doesn't 'get healthy' and just stay there.  Unfortunately.  It isn't like arriving in Kansas and once there, you're there!  So my goals for the year are pretty basic--to get the rest of the regained weight off (my goal is for Fall so I can wear my nice clothes again--I do  like nice clothes.  But I also have a couple of specific goals:

  1. Walk Bloomsday again--this is primarily a challenge to manage foot pain.  It is a 5K walk (with hills) that attracts 50K+ people.  Seeing as how I don't like crowds, not my best choice, but it gives me something to train for.  It is the first Sunday in May, so I have time to get new shoes and better drugs!
  2. Develop strategies for eating and exercising when traveling.  I can do okay with my 'home court rules' most of the time, but travel is such on ordeal.  I have a lot of self-talk to address.  I'm already thinking that one strategy might be to take a picture of all the food I order, then one of what is left and send them to a 'buddy.'  That way I will want to limit what I eat.
  3. Develop strategies for dealing with stress.  I need to do some research on what the body needs when stressed (which eating the wrong foods gives it) and find non-food ways of meeting those needs. 

The workload is ever increasing at work and I'm thinking of starting a Ph.D or Ed.D. program this fall, so dealing with stress is going to important.  I cannot turn to food for the boost it provides, and I can't not address the physical effects of stress, so I have to find a way of addressing it. 


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