September 25, 2022

Sep 25, 2022

It was a frustrating weekas I kept going up and down.  I know this is what my body tends to do, but for some reason it seemed worse this week.  But when I recorded my weekly weight, it was right in line with the trends!  Frustrated for no reason:(  But I guess it was good for me to have to "head talk" my way through it.  I know I need to just keep doing what I need to and the weight will come off.  Focus on the actions that support the goal, not just the goal.

It is a challenge not to think of weight number and clothes sizes as goals, because in truth, they are.  Health and wellness are also real, but I'll be honest--I want to look better, fit better clothes, take up less public space, etc. 

I am planning to take a trip to Italy--I hope the first of several--in April, so I'd like to be much closer to goal.  I know there will be a ton of walking, but it willjust have to be slow and steady.  I could weigh 90 lbs. and my feet would hurt!  Poor misshapen things--they do their best. 

I'm using the Lose It! app for tracking and like it.  I can put in recipes or just nutritional information from recipes or even use a bar code for a purchased product.  That helps a lot for tracking protein, carbs, and fiber.  The fiber is to offset all the protein!  Still have to work on reaching protein goals and still can't stand protein drinks.  I looked at the protein bars available and they are all so high in calories!  More like protein rich candy bars.  I really don't want to trigger my sweettooth.  So I'm sticking with low calorie, high protein seafood.

Working on getting the water in as I think that really helps.  Still have to have a bit of cream in the milk and sugar in the tea.  And I'm not ready to give up on caffine.  Maybe in a different year.

Hope to reach my halfway to goal mark by October 10th--my birthday.  We shall see.

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