October 16, 2022

Oct 16, 2022

I think I am at a bit of a "reconsider" point in my weightloss habits.  I'm still being regular in my focus on protein, fiber, and water, but for the first time since January at least, I am having the desire to eaat for the sake of enjoying eating vs. just being hungry or time to eat.  So far, whatever I ate was satifying, but now I'm getting to where I want specific "comfort food" or a dessert (other than just fruit).  I'm not hungry, but I'm not always satisfied either.

I'm trying to address this by using more ingredient recipes (chicken taco chili instead of just shrimp in broth for example), but I then wind up with constipation issues!  I know a lot of my up and down weight this week was due to that.  But whatever I do has to be sustainable --I'm only half-way to goal.  But I also know in the past, the weight loss process has slowed down, so I knew that was coming. 

Perhaps now is the time to start adding some exercise?  I do hate exercise.  I've never felt "better," "more energetic," "stronger," etc. all the things people say.  I just feel tired and achey.  Doesn't matter what it is--swimming, walking, biking, jazzerize, or the latest fad.  But one does what one must.  Got to figure this out. 

I'll be traveling for work in the next couple of weeks, so we will see what that does to my habits!  I try to focus on the habits rather than just the scale knowing that eventually the habits will lead to the scale changes.  Just always slower than one wants!


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