February 26, 2023

Feb 26, 2023

Progress is slow but steady; now just 32 lbs. to reach original loss weight.  I wish I could find some solid research on the impact of RNY on base metabolism.  I know I don't need as many calories as the easy-peasy formula calculates--which I don't think acknowledges the non-thyroid medical aspects of obesity.  I lost a lot of muscle back in 2006-07 as well.  What I have experienced over the years is that the RNY impacted not just the size of my stomach but a host of hormones and other bits.  So as I age, what are my "real" caloric needs?  I tried to find some research studies but haven't had any luck.  They seems to focus just on the nutrition (can we say supplement companies?), not the calories. 

Anyway, another big change I am making is changing what I'm making:)  A large part of my relationship to food was the creative aspect of cooking.  If there was an unusual ingredients, odds were I had it.  I have a ton of cookbooks and, I admit, am a bit of an ingredient snob.  It was a way of expressing myself and my values.  But I have decided that needs to be scaled back--way back--so my scales can get back as well.  So I am focusing my creativity into sewing.  Being me, that doesn't mean "hacks" and lots of projects but couture techniques and maybe four projects a year.  I'm working on my first project--a coat--and have really gotten into the details and learning (taking an online course).  Not only does it give me the skills and creativity focus, but it keeps me busy and out of the kitchen--reduces the grazing!  My intention is to be at goal size by August when I will be taking a live pant fitting class.  My legs have "issues"--to put it kindly.  Lots of excess skin and fat lumps and an undiagnosed (not without trying via multiple doctors) issue—cellulitis? edema? –that makes my legs rather ugly.   Cankles extraordinaire!  So I can never find pants that fit, so that will be my fall project. 


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