April 2, 2023

Apr 02, 2023

Things are coming along slow but steady, which is what I know is the process.  Spring is upon us calendar-wise but not weather wise, and I often find it more difficult to eat well when it gets warm.  I'm hoping that won't be the case this year with the emphasis on seafood (lots of easy cooking shrimp).  I still struggle with the veggies--just don't like them much--and tend to go overboard with the salad dressing if I go that route.  I don't like the wastefulness of the single serve salads in the plastic bowls, but they do give me some veggies with limited dressing.  They always include a cheese--which I don't like--so I can toss in some more little shrimp to up the protein. 

I would like to find a place in town where I can do an indirect calorietry test to get a more accurate resting metabolic rate.  I think some of the sports medicine/nutrition places do them.  I would really like a better handle on my caloric needs as I move into the maintance phase come fall. 

The news about erthritol was bothersome--its links to heart attack and stroke.  I have been using it multiple times a day in my tea (to get my hydration) and have an issue with blood clots.  I don't like the other artificial sweeteners, so this was a great option.  I will try to wean off of it over summer

I'll be heading to Italy in ten days, so that will be an adventure on many levels.  The friend who was going to travel with me probably won't be able to, so it will be a solo adventure as well!  My habit is to see travel as a stress eating time, so I am going to do my best to not go there.  Not taking snacks for the airport (I'm flying business so there will be snacks and meals on the long flight), and plan to stick to my two meals a day approach.  But I know I will be doing substantially more walking, so that should help burn off the pasta!  My goal is to just eat like a normal day with just a few exceptions.  So limit the sweets and carbs (can you say gelato and pasta!).  I don't want to eat out every meal--I'm staying in AirB&Bs so I'll have access to kitchens--but I don't have a sense that they do doggy bags like in America.  Probably because they don't serve excessive portions to begin with!  The main goal is to see what it might be like to live there, so grocery shopping and cooking at home are a part of that. 

I'm getting close enough to my goal that I don't want to buy/make more clothes but also don't quite fit into much of what I have.  What a wonderful problem to have.

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