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"I heard that my surgeon was the \"surgeon\" of all surgeons to have for this surgery. His staff (except for one) has been excellent and very helpful and understanding. I only wish my doctor would have spent a little more time with me. I never felt that I established a real relationship with him. His surgery skills are excellent and that is the most important but I don't feel he had any time for me other than being on the table. He never came to see me post-op to answer any questions I may have had. I felt kind of like just a body to him and wish we could have established a relationship of trust. But I will get over that. The clinic has very good post-op structured aftercare and I find that very comforting and helpful. I would rate my surgeon a 10 as far as skill goes but only a 2 as far as patient/doctor relationships go. Both are important I feel because I don't feel I can even contact my surgeon if I have any problems so I feel a little lost that way. But at least I know his staff is available and that is good. But I am 100% grateful my surgeon is an excellent surgeon and I am alive and doing very well. One person on his staff should definitely leave and find a new job, though. She is absolutely the worst bedside manner person I have ever met and she shows nothing but unhappiness about the job she has so she should find another job. I definitely will never go back to see her ever again! Someone should definitely talk to her about the quality of care she is giving to patients. She almost made me think about leaving my doctor. That is sad and not good for new patients to encounter."

University of Minnesota Fairveiw (COE)

"I appreciate the care given to me there and always feel well-taken care of. The nurses are understanding and caring as well as helpful. "
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