My family and I have always struggled with weight. Genetics is one of the factors for sure because my mother and brother, both left handed and blue eyes have never had the desire to over eat or had weight problems. My dad, myself and my baby brother, dark hair, brown eyes and right handed, have always struggled with obesity. When I was 35, I had the open ryn with dr. Oh. I lost 150 pounds and over the last 4 years I have gained 25 back which was actually a good thing. I was too skinny, who ever thought I wuld utter those words. I am now 7 years out and more than ready for my full tummy tuck. My tummy has bothered me all of my life, however, now being that I have been at the same weight the last year and a half, I am tired at looking at my stomach and having people ask me if I am pregnant (havn't people learned not to ask that question). Back in 2003-2005, the weight loss surgery forum helped me through the decisioni making about what type of wls to get and helped me through the approval and after surgery. When I decided to get the TT, I came back to this website and have now been on the forum for a few weeks now and find it as helpful, supportive and fun as I did before.

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