My name is Samm and I have been overweight since grade 5. I can remember the way the kids in my class use to tease me on how huge I was. I use to be called Sam Sam the garbage man which I hated. I can recall I was in a woman's size 3 at that time. I always remembered looking through the sears catalogue and not fitting into any of there sizes. My parents seperated when I was 11 years old and that was very devestating to me and I became rebellous. I ate and ate and got bigger and realized I needed help. I tried diets like just eating salad and tuna fish, starving myself, weight watchers(but could afford the cost), joinned a gym and again the cost, nutriasystem, and even a dietitian. All this before I turned 18 years old. My weight yo-yoed up and down through my college years and eventually I decided to put a maximum weight I wouldn't go over of 250 lbs. well that didn't workout so good. I'm now 35 years old and at the weight I was pregant with my second son of 278lbs. I have however been able to maintain this weight level for over a year now. In my weight lost journey I have found that if I maintain my weight it's better than going up and down. I hate the fact that trying on clothes makes me depressed and useless. My husband has been very supportive and is behind me in this journey and I love him for it. I went to my family doctor and told him that I wanted a referral to Dr. Klein in Toronto and he was very hesitate about making the appointment and I told him it was my desicion to make that was in 2004. I got the first word from Dr. Klein's office in August 2005 and had my first appt. with him Nov. 2005 and he answered all my questions and concerns. I have my  upcoming nutriention appt Jan 16, 2007, dietitian and social worker March 7,2007 and the internist and Dr. Klein on March 8 2007. I am very excited that I will be finally getting started with this journey it has been a long 3+years. i also gained more weight before I seen Dr. Klein in March I was now 284lbs. That's a 6 lb gain in one year and he wasn't too happy about that and told me to try my very best not to gain anymore weight before surgery.

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