One month weigh in

Jun 02, 2016

Well, I am down 28 pounds since surgery, 37 since the diet.  I am so excited about this.  So many NSV's without really thinking about them happening.  Being able to cross my legs, bending over to pick something off the floor, getting up out of a chair without  scooting to get up, being able to walk 3 miles, being able to tie my shoes, being able to wipe my butt easily(I know TMI but it's a biggie for me). No knee pain.

So one month ago the surgery is behind me.  The day's have gone by quickly.  I walk every morning.  After no pooping for 3 1/2 weeks, I am finally pooping every morning, with help of mira-lax, stool softners and fiber pills but hey, it's working!!!

My shorts are ready to fall off when I walk so I will have to look for some cheapies to get me through.  All the t-shirts are fitting nicely instead of the big stretch I used to give them everytime before pulling them over my head.

I've lived near the beach for 12 years and have only gone twice.  I've been twice already since surgery and my bathing suit if fitting big so I'm not to self conscious at all. 

My doctor said my BMI has gone from 53 to 42 already and he said normally he won't talk about that stuff so soon but I am doing really amazingly to him.  Top 90%.  I am so happy about that.  I plan to keep chugging along every day.  I know I am ready for the stall period so I think I will get thru that just fine as I do not weigh myself at all.  My clothes, seatbelt, etc are telling me all I need to know about that.  He does want me to start some weight training just to keep the muscle up as we all know the fast weight loss will start to eat the muscle so I plan on doing that soon. I think that will be fun and something I can do with my daughter.

Just for fun measurements: Waist was 58, now 52, Neck 17 now 15, bicep 14.50 Now 13.50, chest 55, now 49.5, hip 62, now 55, thigh 28.50 now 23 and calf was 18 now 16.5


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