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Aug 24, 2016

Well, after changed appointments by the doctors for a few months, I finally got in to see my doc today and was I in for the shock of my life.  I saw the doc at my 1 week post and then 3 weeks later at my 1 month.  Thru no fault of my own my appointments kept changing because of doc vacation, surgical emergencies etc., so I didn't see him nor get to keep to much track of my success, although I knew I was doing pretty well.

At my first visit I was 299lbs.  At todays visit I was 206.   And my BMI went from 54 to 35.  In 3 1/2 months!  I am just beyond words to describe the feelings I have. 


I still walk 3 miles every single day of the week as soon as I roll out of bed(usually 430 or 5am) because it's already 75-78 degrees then. 

I lost 5 lbs this week alone thinking I would lose nothing as my daughter was here visiting from Michigan and we've eaten out alot.  I can say even though I made smart choices it played with my mind as to if I was over doing it or not.  As much as I love eating out, I would just assume stay home now and keep myself on track 100%. 

I am so close to One derland I can taste it and nothing is gonna stop me from getting there!

Best wishes to you all and continued success to everyone.

Best decision of my life!!


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