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Sep 07, 2016

Saw my primary care doctor yesterday as they were anxious to catch up with me after surgery.  We had made this appointment in April, my Surgey was May 2 and they were really impressed with my results thus far.

I am officially down 90lbs. in just 4 months........4 months OMG.  I have gone from a 4/5X top to a XL in most womens shirts.  My bottoms still range between XL and 18 depending on if elastic waist or not.  I was a very tight size 28 on surgery day.

I am no longer on blood control meds.  I have an appt. in October with the pulmonologist to see if the cpap may go bye bye, although it's become my security blanket and I sort of would hate to see it go at this point.

Still walking 3.5 miles as soon as I roll out of bed and hit between 11 and 15 thousand for the day in steps. 

I still hate the taste of water but I'm pushing it to try and like it again. I still mix it with flavor enhancers when I just can't stomach it.  I still hate eating breakfast so a shake is my breakfast followed by high protein lunch and dinner.  Once in a great while I have a hand full of nuts but that's about it as far as snacking goes(that's been about 3 times at most).  I did have a few slices of Outback bread once.  Filled me up so fast it was hard to eat dinner so haven't done that again.

I have lost a combined total of 58.75 inches as of today between my waist,neck,bicep,forearm,chest,hip,thigh and calf.

Wishing EVERYONE lots of success and NSV's!!!!


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