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Dear Sandy, You are the best I have encountered here as far as useful info. You are briiliant and I enjoyed reading your profile. I think we could really support each other. I am under strict care of my sister a Mayo Clinic trained gastrenterologist. The Band is as new to her as it is to me. I also did losts of research and look forward to learning so much from you. I have dropped questions all evening all over the place. I hope you can access a few an help me today. I have my first obstruction. Protein, ground beef. I am too early for solids and still healing. I can drink and it feels like it is moving around in there. i have gone back to liquids. I am not in pain I just...feel it since yesterday afternoon. What can I expect Sandy? I have given it a name. It is the TEACHER. Please read my profile because I can write and I have that gastro-enterologist retired on call. We can come up with some useful stuff for YOUR book. I look forward very much to buying and reading your book!
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