Question re: eating out after surgery?

Dec 31, 2008

What do people do after surgery when invited to someone's home for dinner? Do you tell the hosts and ask for a very small portion? I guess it depends at what stage after surgery you are? What do most of you do? Grateful for your comments and input.

Anyone out there in Chile?

Dec 31, 2008

Hi all. I have just signed up to OH. Did not know you were out there, but am so glad to have found you! I am seriously considering gastric bypass surgery. Have an appt. with a surgeon in a few weeks. It was proposed to me about 2 years ago and at that time I immediately said no. I thought I could conquer this on my own...Here I am two years later and well I thought I was dealing with my addiction but....
I do have questions and fears about the surgery, and life afterward. But am finding this site to be very informative.
Hay alguien o en Chile o en sudamerica que ha hecho esta cirugia? Me encantaría hablar con usted.
I know people go to Mexico for this type of surgery, but how about Chile?
I have so many questions to ask, but will just say hello to everyone for now and Happy New Year to all! JB

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