Obsessing about food

Apr 07, 2010

I find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the food that I want to eat, and wondering when I will be allowed to do so. My physician orders are for a soft protein diet for the first month (at least) and I don't know what will get added next. I think that those questions will be answered at my one month post-op appointment, but I'm really obsessing about it on my own.

I'm at work.... hungry... and DYING to snack

Apr 07, 2010

I made it back to work today. It was hectic getting my physical restrictions (no lifting/carrying over 10 lbs) acknowledged and documented by my company's medical department. Anyway, I'm here and I've been pretty productive.

I ate 1 yogurt for breakfast and turkey + cheese rollups (3 slices of deli turkey, 1.5 slices of low fat provolone) for lunch. I had some hot herbal tea after lunch and I've been sipping water all day (but I think I'm close to 25 ounces of water only.... I need to keep drinking!!!) and I had some protein drink (that stuff is gross and I can't drink a full "serving").

Anyway, there's food EVERYWHERE! Bagels & cream cheese in the kitchen/break room, chocolates being offered from various people's cubicles, beef jerkey in my office from before my surgery.... I have successfully resisted those temptations but it has been HARD! I'm sooooo hungry. Thanks, USAFwife, for letting me know that it will take a while to get the gheurelin out of my system - I really hope that's true because one of the main reasons I chose this procedure was the hope that I would not feel ravenous hungry all the time.

In other news, I threw up for the first time since my surgery yesterday. I had some rotissary chicken for lunch & I guess I ate too much (it was sooo good). When I tried to sip some water 30 minutes after I was done eating, it started hurting, and then I had to throw up. I had chicken broth for dinner in the hopes of getting everything to calm down.

As my mom says, "I just needed to share."


I'm so happy I did this for myself, but I'm still hungry

Apr 06, 2010

I had a sleeve gastrectomy on March 23, 2010. My pre-surgery weight was 241 with a BMI of 41. At my 1-week post op appointment I was already down to 219. Today is my 2-week aniversary and I'm at 217. I'm currently on the soft foods diet (chicken, turkey, tofu, eggs, seafood, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc). I'm being faithful to my diet, but I'm HUNGRY! My theory is that my body is attempting to maintain my weight so it's telling me to eat more carories.

I go back to work tomorrow & I think my body is ready healing-wise (my incisions are not painful and are healing nicely), I just hope that I can get the eatting part right!

Wish me luck everyone!


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