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At 19 years out you would think I had all this management stuff down by now. Not so. I continue to monitor and tweak my supplements and diet to maintain my health and weight. I have been looking into the use of the patches and watching as t

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Shake it off girlfriend. Most gut surgeries have a 12 or 24 fast...

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We are starting the second week of post op clear liquid diet for my daughter and I have been looking at posts about the clear diet. One thing I keep seeing is people hating their broth and saying it tastes nasty or flavourless.

Everyone shoppin

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I have had the weirdest experience. I am in Tijuana with my daughter. She had a sleeve on Monday and is in recovery. While we have been down here I have been talking with many other WLS patients, many of them over a year out, who are accompanying other

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Hi, My daughter starts her pre op liquid diet tomorrow and the instructions from the surgeon are confusing me. I am hoping that maybe someone here will be better at math than I am!

64 oz liquid a day (all liquid counts towards this including pr

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I was suprised by that number. Had to count twice to make sure I wasn't mixed up. My switch has helped me be healthier, but it did not improve my math skills.


I am 53 now ...

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An Even Dozen - 12 years sounds like so long. It doesn't feel like much time at all! Life is its usual mixed bag, mostly good. Vis a vis my surgery the big news is that my iron absorpti...

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9th Anniversary! - This year I forgot my annual date. I had thanksgiving dinner and I don't think I thought about it being the 9th anniversay one single time. I am still right at 118 lbs. I am not...
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