It's Hard to Keep Track of the Years

Oct 05, 2015


I was suprised by that number. Had to count twice to make sure I wasn't mixed up. My switch has helped me be healthier, but it did not improve my math skills.


I am 53 now and life is the usual; busy, demanding, exciting, tedious. It depends on the day doesn't it?


My weight stays between 110 and 120 these days and the supplements that my IInterne=ist gives me keeps inreasing. I awe people by my ability to throw back an enormous handful of capsules in one gulp. Only occasioaly do they go down wrong and leave me gagging and wishing I had divided that pile into two. Fat soluble vitamins in particular remain challenging. My iron is remaining level now with just the multi gen oral supplement and I haven't had a Ferrous I.V. in over two years now. Yey me!

For inquiring minds here is my current supplement list;

Multigen BID 
VIT D 50,000 Ergo/Teva BID
Prozac 20mg QD
Wellbutrin HCLSR 150mg BID 
Klor-Con 10 meq QD/750mg BID
Desyrel 50mg QD
Bentyl 20mg PRN 
Vitamin K 100mcg BID
B Complex 1,2,3,niacin,12,5 zinc iron
Melatonin 3mg  
Cranberry 300mg 
Zinc 50mg 
L-Lysine 500mg
L Carnitine 500mg 
Calcium Citrate 630mg d500iu BID
Vitamin C 1000mg 
Centrum Silver 

Other than taking my supplements and keeping track of hydration (loose stools result in rapid loss of electrolytes and dehydration and low blood pressure, a wicked combination that leads to Victorian-esque fainting spells.) I don't think too much about what I eat. I can even have an occasional salad so long as I don't mind the repercussions. I find that as time goes on I prefer my protein less and less cooked. I eat a LOT of sushi and make a mean tartare. I don't know for sure this is a result of my DS but it seems like it might be. It just is easier on my stomach than anything cooked well done. So even cooked meat is very very rare.

It's been so long now it just sort of slides into the backgrounnd almost all the time.

Life is good!


An Even Dozen

Feb 25, 2013

12 years sounds like so long. It doesn't feel like much time at all!

Life is its usual mixed bag, mostly good.

Vis a vis my surgery the big news is that my iron absorption had improved in a big way and I haven't had an intravenous infusion since last spring in the beginning of March. Almost a whole year. I am having tests done quarterly so when/if my levels slide we will know and I can get a 'booster'.

But for now my MultiGen are doing the job. No extreme mal absorbtion. It's nice not having to deal with the treatment ; -)

Weight is the same. I find when I get sick I drop a bit and have to work to bring it back up.

Current supplements;

Vitamin D 50k

Klor-Con 10 (potassium)

Multigen  (iron) x2

Dicyclomine 20

C 1000

Calcium Citrate  500x2

Multi Mature

Cranberry 4200

Zinc 50

L-Carnitine 500




Vitamin K 100


9th Anniversary!

Dec 17, 2009

This year I forgot my annual date. I had thanksgiving dinner and I don't think I thought about it being the 9th anniversay one single time.

I am still right at 118 lbs. I am not any taller either. I wish there was height gain surgery! Then I wouldn't have to hem all my pants.

Life is the usual. Busy, hectic, fun, annoying. It depends on the day.

I have been taking I.V. iron sucrose supplements quarterly now for a year now and I feel good. Anemia really sucks. 2 hours every 3 months is well worth it. I still take my supplements.

Centrum Silver
Calcium and a ton of other stuff

Most days I gulp'em down morning and evening no problem. Some nights in particular I wind up getting up from bed and getting a piece of bread to kill the reflux.

My hips are holding out ok and only bother me occasionally.

I still pretty much eat what I want, when I want. Salad is still not my friend, Romain Lettuce in particular. I have to go easy on leafy greens or pay a price in discomfort.

I still find that I need alot of fat in my diet.

My guts run loose but usually regularly. I have gass occasionally, but not so often that it is a problem or that I need to take anything for it. Sometimes when I need to go... I Need to GO right now. I just say " I have a medical isxsue ladies, may I please step ahed of any of you who can wait. Usually everyone moves kindly aside.

I have never got around to justifying the expense of plastic surgey. I would love a breast lift and a little tummy tuck and a chin lift, but I do fine how I am.

Still no regrets. None at all.

My daughter is 16 now, and has been at 145 lbs since 7th grade. I would be more comfortable if she was 20 lbs lighter, but I am happy that she is stable, with no weight gain creeping up on her. Unfortunatly she is under 5', shorter than even short me, so she is a busty chubby girl, size 12, but she is pretty ok with her weight and has a good acceptance of different body shapes being ok.

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