9th Anniversary!

Dec 17, 2009

This year I forgot my annual date. I had thanksgiving dinner and I don't think I thought about it being the 9th anniversay one single time.

I am still right at 118 lbs. I am not any taller either. I wish there was height gain surgery! Then I wouldn't have to hem all my pants.

Life is the usual. Busy, hectic, fun, annoying. It depends on the day.

I have been taking I.V. iron sucrose supplements quarterly now for a year now and I feel good. Anemia really sucks. 2 hours every 3 months is well worth it. I still take my supplements.

Centrum Silver
Calcium and a ton of other stuff

Most days I gulp'em down morning and evening no problem. Some nights in particular I wind up getting up from bed and getting a piece of bread to kill the reflux.

My hips are holding out ok and only bother me occasionally.

I still pretty much eat what I want, when I want. Salad is still not my friend, Romain Lettuce in particular. I have to go easy on leafy greens or pay a price in discomfort.

I still find that I need alot of fat in my diet.

My guts run loose but usually regularly. I have gass occasionally, but not so often that it is a problem or that I need to take anything for it. Sometimes when I need to go... I Need to GO right now. I just say " I have a medical isxsue ladies, may I please step ahed of any of you who can wait. Usually everyone moves kindly aside.

I have never got around to justifying the expense of plastic surgey. I would love a breast lift and a little tummy tuck and a chin lift, but I do fine how I am.

Still no regrets. None at all.

My daughter is 16 now, and has been at 145 lbs since 7th grade. I would be more comfortable if she was 20 lbs lighter, but I am happy that she is stable, with no weight gain creeping up on her. Unfortunatly she is under 5', shorter than even short me, so she is a busty chubby girl, size 12, but she is pretty ok with her weight and has a good acceptance of different body shapes being ok.


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