Happy Belated Birthday to Me

Sep 20, 2010

I've been overly reflective lately, but for good reason. I celebrated my 33rd birthday on September 10th. I have been through more challenges in life than some people twice my age, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  I spend my birthday on cruise with my boyfriend. I came back with a check from the cruise line. I had not only stayed within my budget I had money left over. It felt good. See it's not all about our weight. I think many people would admit there are several areas of their lives that need attention. I lost my full-time job in June 2009. It seems I can best stick to a budget when there isn't much money to hand out. My birthday cruise was paid in full by money I earned helping a friend move, and junking my old car. For spending money I sold items on eBay. Vacation was much more enjoyable knowing my bills were paid, and I wasn't going to get a huge credit card bill in the mail upon my return.

Instead upon my return from vacation I received a call for a job interview. I've lost count of the number of resumes I've submitted and applications I've completed. This job was a bit different, I knew someone who worked for the company. Networking is important, but I felt because of my weight it was even more important that someone could vouch for me that I am a good worker. This felt right. It was the type of job I was searching in order to transition into a new field. It was the level I wanted and I felt a connection with the people with whom I interviewed. It was nice for them to recognize my desire to improve my skills and educate myself on the field I wanted to work in, and my desire for experience to which I volunteered at a local hospital.

Today, I was offered the job. IIt's eerie because 10 years I was at my all time low. I was also unemployed at that time, having been fired from a job based on my weight. I had devoted so much of my life doing for others I had ignored what I needed to do for myself. I had not completed my education, and my world spiraled down to rock bottom. This time 10 years ago I was slowing starting to pull myself back up. I eventually finished my education, had WLS, and moved to a new state for a job. I then had a tidal wave of new health issues, and a boss who was threatened by me and held me back from advancement. As I had done before, I did again...I improved my health, and I worked to improve my overall situation. I made my plan and set the pieces into motion. I've often been told that my path in life is neither quick nor direct. But I do keep moving on that path. I worked on a second college degree in healthcare, and made sure to allocate a safety net if I had to leave a job before having a new one. It's been another rollercoaster of a year but all the pieces have fallen into place and in a couple weeks I begin a new chapter in my life. This story just keeps getting better!!!


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