Living Life 11 Years Post Weight Loss Surgery

Apr 07, 2014

Today marks 11 years since my weight loss surgery, so of course that deserves a blog post. As most post-ops would I delved into my computer files to find a good “before and after” picture. Yet, I seem to have many after pictures, actually I have many before pictures as well. April 7, 2003 wasn’t the beginning of my journey, I had already began years earlier to improve my health, surgery was merely a step in what was and continues to be an incredible unpredictable journey.

In the past 11+ years my life has been filled with moments of great accomplishments and moments of even greater challenges. And I can honestly say I would not change one moment of my journey so far. I am healthier, wiser, happier, funnier (is that possible?), cuter and definitely stronger!

So as I’m scrolling through various pictures of me at different stages of my journey, highest weight, pre-op weight, pictures of my legs, lowest weight, pre reconstructive surgery, slight regain, a lot more regain.

Then it hit me. No, no, no. No before and after pictures!

First of all this is my LIFE, there is no before and after, it’s always in progress. I’m in the midst of completing a Masters in Health Law, I have two new articles about my Lipedema and Lymphedema Advocacy scheduled to be published in the upcoming months, and I have five conferences on my schedule for 2014.

Second, my entire message is that weight loss surgery success is not about weight, not about a number on the scale, not about how I looked then verses how I look now, it’s about health.

My journey is not about how I look, it is about how I’m living!

But Sarah according to the WLS rules you MUST post a picture on your surgiversary!

Fine! Here you go…a more realistic BEFORE….and to be continued…..



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