week 9

Nov 14, 2009

well i have made it to my first stall. yay!     well only a loss of 1.1 pounds for the week of the 9th. I did every thing right and went to the gym 3x this week all for 1.1. I will let you all know when i start losing again.

7 weeks post op

Nov 06, 2009

well, i am finally on the stage 5 diet. I feel great and iam down 61 pounds. I dont have much trouble with eating, every thing goes down nicely!! I just got the ok from my nutritionist to eat brown rice sushi, iam sooooo excited!! I absolutely love sushi and i thought that i would never be able to enjoy it again, but i was wrong!!  I am still walking and using the wii fit for exercises but i am about ready to join a gym and get on the ball. my new goal is to finish the couch to 5k program and be running next summer.

two weeks post op.

Oct 07, 2009

I have moved on to stage 4 diet soft protein and low fiber fruits. I have had to go back to the liquid diet at times to keep my protein levels up because I have had problems with keeping food down.  Its very hard to slow down when i'am eating and therefore i throw it up. My biggest hurtle at this point is keeping my food down and chewing my food well before swallowing.  I am only able to consume 1oz of solid food at this point. I am starting to understand what full feels like at this point, were as early post op I was unable to understand full.

Sitting on the losers bench!

Sep 20, 2009

Ok, I am finally at home and feel less then perfect as to be expected. I am eating a lot of sugar free custard and chicken broth. I am struggling with the water because it hurts not because i don't like water. Pain after surgery has averaged between 8/10 -3/10 on a pain scale. I am walking and getting better every day. I don't have a scale so i don't know what my weight is right now. i will see Dr. Todder on Oct 04 for my 2 week follow up, i will update my weight then and focus on healing now.


Two days untill surgery!!

Sep 14, 2009

   My last post was made on Saturday and the last time i weight my self was at work on Friday. I have been eating less then 800 cal a day and not one pound has moved off my body in three days. I think i am just worked up about Dr. Todder not being happy with my weight loss and refusing to operate on me. That's my worst fear. The last weight Dr. Todder has on me is 336 and I gained two pounds after that. That brought my total weight up to 338 so I have lost 11 lbs in three weeks on the liquid diet but the DOC will see that i have only lost 9 lbs and iam afraid that's she isn't going to be happy with that number.

4 days untill surgery! One week and five days into Liquid diet.

Sep 11, 2009

I will start with my stats for my weight loss on liquid diet so far. My starting weight was 338 and This morning I weighed in at 327, so that's a loss of 11 lbs in one week and five days on the liquid diet. I wanted to lose 20 lbs on the liquid diet, I will be close but I don't think i will see 20lbs. The scale i am weighting my self on at work weighs me two pounds heavier then Dr. Todders scale. If I make it to 20lbs loss I will have officially lost  10% of my body weight since the start of this journey. My hunger has subsided and I am able to make it threw the day with out starving! On average I am consuming 500 -700 cal a day, 70-90 carbs and 50-90 protein a day. This is what i am eating ....................
Breakfast: coffee with sugar free creamer and Lean Dessert protein shake made with water, not milk.
Liquid in between meals
Lunch: Light and fit yogurt or Campbell's soup at hand, tomato, with 1 scoop of BE Pure unflavored protein powder.
Liquid in between meals IE crystal light/water.
Dinner: Sugar free custard: 2 cups skim milk, splenda 2 eggs/ 1 white.
If Iam really hungry and I cant fall asleep because my stomach is going crazy I will have a yogurt/light before bed.
I feel like i could be doing better but I might be trying to hard. I am really afraid that Dr. Todder is going to say no when she hears my weight loss stats.



Sep 05, 2009

    well Its finally here the two weeks of hell before surgery. So every one will tell you that after day 3 you will be alright and i have also found this to be true. I am on day 5 of my liquid diet and could care less if I eat much at all. I really thought i would die those first three day!! My saving grace was the recipe for the sugar free custard on our list of approved liquid foods.  The custard consists of 3 eggs ,2cups of skim milk, vanilla, Cinnamon, splenda and nutmeg. I did break down and ate 2 egg whites boiled. It was not on our approved list but i figured it is low in fat, carbs and high in protein so it cant kill the diet.
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Jun 27, 2009

well, now I am just waiting! I feel like that's all i have done is wait, all my life. since i was given the surgery date i have been such a recluse.   
 I haven't gone out or been around any family or friends. I feel like I want to hide away until I have surgery, like life doesn't begin until I can change what I hate about my self. I am in such a funk!  I want to get down to 300 or 299 before surgery.  I just want to get this whole process rolling and have the surgery.
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I have a date!!!

Jun 15, 2009

I have been aproved by my insurance (etna) and I have a surgery date! SEPT 17th!!!! I cant belive that next fall i will be a hole new person. this is such crazy emotional ride! I am going to start getting ready for surgery.
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doctors visit is over!!!

Jun 12, 2009

Well its been a long wait but i have made it to my pre op doctors appointment with Dr. Todder. She is a very nice woman, she is tough dont let her looks fool you. she estimates my surgery to be in august of 09'. Thats only one month from now, wow thats alot sooner then i expected. Well now iam waiting for the approval letter from my insurance to come in the i will have a date for surgery! its hard to belive that i have been trying to have this surgery for 2 years and finally it is just around the corner.

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