4 days untill surgery! One week and five days into Liquid diet.

Sep 11, 2009

I will start with my stats for my weight loss on liquid diet so far. My starting weight was 338 and This morning I weighed in at 327, so that's a loss of 11 lbs in one week and five days on the liquid diet. I wanted to lose 20 lbs on the liquid diet, I will be close but I don't think i will see 20lbs. The scale i am weighting my self on at work weighs me two pounds heavier then Dr. Todders scale. If I make it to 20lbs loss I will have officially lost  10% of my body weight since the start of this journey. My hunger has subsided and I am able to make it threw the day with out starving! On average I am consuming 500 -700 cal a day, 70-90 carbs and 50-90 protein a day. This is what i am eating ....................
Breakfast: coffee with sugar free creamer and Lean Dessert protein shake made with water, not milk.
Liquid in between meals
Lunch: Light and fit yogurt or Campbell's soup at hand, tomato, with 1 scoop of BE Pure unflavored protein powder.
Liquid in between meals IE crystal light/water.
Dinner: Sugar free custard: 2 cups skim milk, splenda 2 eggs/ 1 white.
If Iam really hungry and I cant fall asleep because my stomach is going crazy I will have a yogurt/light before bed.
I feel like i could be doing better but I might be trying to hard. I am really afraid that Dr. Todder is going to say no when she hears my weight loss stats.


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