Well, just where do I begin.............hmmmmmm............... lets see.......  

OK, well I guess I would have to say that my two greatest passions in life have always been men and food and not necessarily in that order. (ha-ha)   I have lived a life of many ups and many downs and yes that includes my weight. And during all of this  I have always turned to food to make me feel even better even though it has ALWAYS been my enemy.      I always struggled growing up with my sister  who to me (and the boys) had a great body, and I always wished that I was athletic and smart like her.  I just never felt good about myself growing up and I guess at 41 I am still growing up in many different ways and on many different levels.  But my sister Kelly to this day is my best friend and I love her and I still want to be like her when I grow up.

 After I had my beautiful daughter Brielle almost 19 years ago is when I really began to struggle with my weight  and then add to that a few failed marriges to the mix and........ well need I say more??   Right now is the heaviest I have been and it really hurts in so many ways.  This is never what I pictured or wanted for me or for my life.  

Last year I began to think (dangerous for me) and realized that I have always and still do try to take care of everyone else except me.  And I always say that I am going to take care of myself and never do.  Well last November I was talking to my girlfriend Shelia and she told me that she was going to do this (something her and I have talked about many many times) and that I sould really think about it.   Well I talked to my husband  and my family about it and they told me that they loved me just as I am right now, but that if this was something that I wanted to do then they were all for it and would support me 100%.  So I decided that  "2007" was going to be the year of  "Kimberly" and that I was FINALLY going to do something for ME!!!!!   

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