Back again

Jun 12, 2018

Here I am again. I put WLS totally out of my mind and worked hard with my therapist and dietician the past 6 months. I’m no longer binging. Now I am delving into body image work. 


I saw a dermatologist yesterday for a scalp condition and a neck rash. She said the rash was  a sign my sugars may be high and I might be diabetic. So that scared the SHIT out of me. It made me revisit WLS again. 

After my psych eval they told me to wait at least six months before pursuing WLS again so I could work on the eating disorder. I have done that. Honestly, I thought I’d never reconsider it. I want to be happy in my body and accept myself 

BUT that’s hard when you’re 400+ pounds. My knees hurt. The soles of my feet hurt. I’m wondering if I need to think about pursuing this again. I was pretty far along in the process and had done an endoscopy and other testing. 

The extremely limited diet makes me nervous. I’m not sure what to do ????

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