I'm Back!!!!!!!

May 15, 2009

After my unfill of 2.5 cc I have had a couple of fills and unfills.  But now it seems that my fill level is right now so I will procede with caution.  After my unfill, I have battled with hunger that coupled with losing my job in January made it a recipie for disaster.  I am bored as hell and found myself looking for food but could not get a fill because they had just taken fluid out.. Very bad!  but now I'm back and at 5.75 total cc's in my band. They actually gave me two measurements.. 4.75cc by another method.. The Dr. explained it to me but I wont get into it now.  I'm waiting to get my restriction back and have set a new goal for myself to reach 299 lbs by my surgiversary.  I should be able to do it.  I know I can.  So let the games begin!  I am amazed at how different I look now and will be posting picutres soon..

Oh yeah during my unfill I experienced a 5lb weight gain...  The worst! 

Til next time... See ya!