OMG Why ME??????

Jul 31, 2009

I'm having a really hard time right now...  Up until Jan. of this year I was losing really good until I started waking up choking really bad in my sleep.  To date I have been over filled twice and have been unfilled twice too.  I have lost 3lbs this year and then put on 5lbs.  I started noticing that food would sit in my stomach for long periods of time and I wasn't able to eat a whole lot but I wasn't losing. 

3 weeks ago I went to get a fill and my doctor asked me how I was doing.  I told him that I was doing fine and he said ok and got ready to do my fill. Then something told me to tell him that I was still full from the oatmeal that I had eaten 4 hours prior to going into the office.  He looked at me and said oh no, I'm not touching the band it seems tight already and decided to send me in for a fill under fluro.  Well I went in today and to make a long story short THEY FOUND THE PROBLEM and boy I tell you.... I had prepared myself for the worse but now it is hitting me.  My surgeon had another doctor with him and I was already nervous but they told me to swallow the barium and they both said hey it's not going down.... where did it go?  I didn't panic at that point but then they handed me the cup again and told me to drink some more... and to turn this way and that way OMG!   they said ok there is a fold and my doctor said well its not a dialation and the other doctor said no it's definately not.  By this time I guess the baruim started to move so I felt better but then they said oh its a prolapse... a huge one and at this time I'm like WHAT THE HELL IS A PROLAPSE ????  IS IT A SLIP AND THEY SAID YES...................  I looked at the screen and there it was, my band was somewhere way under that big bulging stomach that was sitting right on top of my band.  (My stomach had slipped up through the band)

My doctor told me to step down off the table and that was it... I asked him if he was going to unfill the band and he asked me if i had any pain. I told him no and he said that if I wasn't having any problems that he would leave it like is is but I would have to have another surgery to fix it and that more than likely it would only happen again.... He suggested that I revise to the sleeve or a gastric bypass...

I'm truly devistated, I have come so far and now this I want to finish losing but I didn't bargain for another surgery.  What to do What to do. 
I have lost an extreme amount of weight but still have far to go.  I have a different insurance now and my doctor said that not all insurance co's pay for the sleeve and I fought so hard not to get the gastric bypass but now I may not have a choice.

I am thankful to be 331lbs now and not the 451lbs that I started out at but another surgery is certain in the very near future.