Doomed by the 3's

Oct 14, 2009

Don't mind me because I'm going to vent for a sec.  All I have wanted to do was get out of the damn 3's and I tell you, the 3's don't want to let go of me.  I thought ok how hard would it be to lose 30 something pounds after RNY.  Well those last pounds are determined to hang on.  They are hanging in there tight.  I have water aerobics and I'm going to work my ass off tonight for 1 hour and 45 mins.  I'm not sure if the water aerobics is doing anytning for me.  I will also go to the gym 7 days a week now just so I can get the scale moving because somethings got to give. 

6 pounds will not get me down.  When I reach 299 everyone will know!   I'm going to have a freaking party to celebrate and everyone will be invited!

Talk to you soon!