Nov 12, 2013

                          Nov. 12, 2013  

  Wow, it's been 5yrs since my last blog posting. A lot has happened since Sept. '08. The most devastating thing is the death of my grandson Michael, my "Sweetum". He died from an asthma attack on Oct. 1st, 2011. Everyone tells me it gets easier but I can't see it. We were so close. My daughter always said she carried him, but he was mine. He always lived with me and would cry to come back when he was little whenever his mom & dad took him home. A huge chunk of my heart is gone. As you can tell from my previous my posting, I had a lot of faith in god. Well no more. A kind and loving god would not be so cruel as to snatch him away like that.

   Anyway, thanks for listening, I really didn. 't mean to go on like that but there's no one I can really talk to about the way I feel.

  I go in for my tt on Dec 4th. That's only 3 weeks away. I go for my pre-op consult next Wednesday the 20th. I'm not too nervous about the surgery, but  am nervous about the recovery. Well that's about it, I will post Wednesday after the consult.




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Oct 15, 2006

                                     Saturday, Oct.7. 2006
  I've been on this site quite a while & since I'm having surgery (DS) 10 days from today, it's high time I posted my profile.
  Well my name is Eve & I'm a grandma of 2, a boy 14 & a girl 7 (who NEVER stops talking). I live w/my daughter, son-in-law & my 2 grands.
I had my stomach stapled way back in 1976. I lost about 80lbs in about 2 months. Back then there were no support groups, no nutrition classes or psych evaluations. If u had good insurance or could pay for it yourself it got done and u were sent home in a few days. Came back in about a week to get the stitches out and then only came back if you had problems. I honestly believe if these services had been available to me then I wouldn't be needing this revision now. Anyway, now I am better equipped to succeed and I shall. Plus I also have great support at home from my entire family.
  I've been "thinking" about this about 4 years, but just made my mind up about 2 years ago. The 1st doc I went to ( in May of '04) said he couldn't do it b/c what I need is a revision & he doesn't do revisions. That was AFTER I'd done all of the nutrition classes, had the psych eval & everything else. I was just days away from getting my date which was going to be in July of '04.
  Talk about depressed, I cried off & on for weeks. I'd bought clothes that are still hanging in my closet with the tags still on them. I finally got myself together & started looking for another doc. I found one with a very good reputation. I went through more test. Almost there right? Nope, for whatever reason it didn't work out either. Now I'm depressed again, but not as much as before and not as long. 
  That's when I got really determined. I researched docs on this site & came up with Dr. Prachand @ The University of Chicago. This time I didn't have to go through a lot of the testing, I just brought the results from the ones I'd had a couple of months before, so I only needed a couple.
  First I went to the informational meeting at U of C. A couple of weeks later I met with Dr. Prachand, had the psych eval & met with the nutritionist all on the same day. I had to have a stress test and a couple more blood tests. Everything came out well, the staff reviewed everything, ok'd it and I got my date, Nov.17th. The day after I was given the date of Nov.17th I called back to ask a question. When I said the surgery date I was told she had given  me the wrong date. It wasn't Nov. 17th, it was Oct.17. WOOHOO!!! YAY!!
  So that brings me here, starting my 10 day diet. Now that I've finally started my profile I promise I'll keep it updated. 

                                Wednesday Oct. 11, 2006
  My granddaughter made a post-it calendar & tears off a page every morning. On the last page she drew balloons & confetti, lol. So I'm down to 6 days, & yes I am getting more & more nervous as the day draws nearer. I'm not scared something will go wrong. Ok maybe a teeny tiny bit scared, but I am a very strong believer in God & prayer. 
  Someone on the board has a quote in her signature line that says something like..If God has brought you to it, He will bring you through it. Everytime I see it it gives me peace.
                                     Monday, Oct. 23, 2006
  Hi e1. I had surgery  last Tuesday &  got home late Sat. night. Things didn't go quite as smoothly as we'd hoped. 1st of all we got there almost 2hrs. later than expected. I was very surprised that they'd waited. 
  As soon as I walked in they started "trying" to start the i.v. To me that is the most dreaded part b/c my veins like to hide whenever they sense a needle is near. After about 10 attempts I was taken into the O.R. without an i.v. and someone decided to start it in my foot. I have some nerve damage in my right foot & not a lot of feeling. I remember chuckling while thinking "ha-ha, stick all you want & it won't hurt".
  Oh I forgot to mention that my darling daughter was a TOTAL WRECK. I was calm but I told them to take her out b/c I could see what was coming. Finally someone listened to me & took her out of the prep room where she promptly fainted (for the first time).
  My surgery took 8hrs. Dr. Prachand and his staff are to be applauded. I'm guessing it was one of the most difficult procedures they've ever done. 
  I had to have an ivc filter put in to prevent blood clots, so that took up the first hour. And since it was a revision they had to deal with the scar tissue from the previous surgery.
  Of course I don't remember anything until  the next day when I was in my room. Michelle (my daughter) said my son-in-law & grands came in to kiss me before going home & that the 7yr old was scared & started crying. That must have been Monday evening.
  I am really thankful I had a central line so they could take blood & later give blood without sticking me again & again. I had to be given 2 units of blood b/c I was losing a LOT. Not during surgery but afterwards. 
  You know how they want you to have a bowel movement. Well I thought I was having a bm but it was all blood. Not blood in it but ALL blood. Talk about scary! My hemoglobin (sp) is supposed to be between 12 & 16. Mine was 8, transfusion time. I of course wasn't thrilled about getting some stranger's blood put into my system, but then like I've said before, I have tolal trust in God to bring me through this.
  The thing that aggrevated me the most was having to unplug all of the darned wires & push that pole along everytime I had to go to the bathroom. Which was a lot.
  Dr. Prachand explained how he had to do my surgery differently b/c of the way it was stapled back in '76, & that was why I was passing so much blood but that it would stop. Thank God it has.
  I am doing well right now, I see Dr. Prachand this Wed (10-25) to get my drain removed.
                                                        Dec.8, 2006
  OK, ok I know I should've updated b4 now, no excuses. Anyway, as of last week I've lost 44lbs. For the 1st time in 35yrs. I'm under 300lbs. Remember all of those clothes I told you I've had hanging in my closet 4 the past 2yrs? Well I'm wearing them & some are already too big!! Before surgery I was wearing a size 34/36 jeans, now my 26's are loose. I was wearing a size 52/54 now 46. For the 1st time in my adult life I'm looking forward to going shopping for clothes instead of food, lol.
  Although it will probably be a long time b4 I'll have to because my dd wears an 18 & she's losing also, so I'll catch those. 
  I see Dr. Prachand again on 1-10. I will try to remember to post then.
                                                     Jan.27, 2007
  Hi e1, I hope e1's holiday was joyful. 
I saw Dr. Prachand and he's pleased with my progress. I thought I was losing too slowly, but his nurse Judy said I'm right on schedule.    
  There are some here who had surgery since I & have lost more. But at this rate I'll have lost 100lbs by summer, so that's great. I so want to go to Great America & ride the rollercoasters. 
  My daughter & son-in-law said when I get down to 175, they'll send me on the Alaskan cruise I've been wanting. 
  On Feb. 7th I go back to have my ivc filter removed. It should have been out a month ago, but my daughter has been and still is sick & she's the one who takes me. So I've postponed a few times. We live about 2hrs. from the hospital, and when we go she's in a lot of pain that night from the trip & not being able to take her meds, and I feel so responsible. She has endometriosis and has really been suffering. She's in treatment for it now. She's a very strong woman, she can take a LOT of pain, so when I see her shaking & crying I know it's unbearable.
  So after the 7th I won't have to go back for three months. By then I pray she'll be all better.

                                                     Feb.10, 2007
  Guess what e1, I have a neck! I can finally wear dangling earrings. I also have a collarbone, a lap, a breastbone and ribs. Who knew? What a difference 62lbs make!
  I went to get my i v c filter removed on the 7th, but it didn't happen b/c the doc had had a very long emergency surgery the night b4 & was too tired. My appointment was for 7:30a, and had to be pushed back to 11a. Had everything gone as scheduled, I would have out of there by 11a. And I live 2hrs away & would have to be home by 2p to get my granddaughter from the school bus. So we had to leave. I have been rescheduled for the 21st of this month. 
  I read on the board where a woman's filter has become embedded & there's a problem with removing it. I don't know how long her's has been in, but I've had mine since Oct. 17th.
  I'm more afraid of this surgery than I was the DS. 

                                                        June 9, 2007

  It's been 4 months since my last post. I have now lost 97lbs. About to become a card carrying member of The Century Club. I stalled at 252 for about a month. But thanks to reading this board, I didn't freak out. Even though I wasn't losing weight, my clothes were growing. All of the clothes I had in my closet that were too small a year ago are now too big!! 
  I now wear a size 20/18 jeans. Down from a size 34/36. My dd bought me a size 16/18 tee shirt. WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE THINKING??? But guess fits COMFORTABLY!! 
 You know how a lot of you say you don't see your own weight loss? I see it in my face & neck but nowhere else. I still try to wear my size 26 jeans, then I have to keep pulling them up, lol. My dd keeps asking me why I keep wearing the too big clothes. I don't think they're too big when I put them on. I can shop at walmart & NOT go to the largest size!! WOW!! Next we're going to t.j.maxx & marshall's. I've never enjoyed going shopping, I always went the catalog route. Guess what I've discovered? SHOPPING IS FUN!!! Today walmart, tomorrow the world, lol.
  Please everyone, keep our sister Evelyn Leonardo in your prayers. She had surgery on March 25th and is still in the hospital, though she is getting better. She is such a lovely person. I hope to one day soon meet her in person. 

                                                      Oct. 19, 2007
  I am two days late in posting this. On Oct 17, 2006 I had my DS. On that morning I weighed 340 lbs. Today I weigh 207 lbs. A friend said that I've lost a whole me, lol.
 What changes have occurred? Well let me tell you about some of my "wow" moments & experiences.
  Last week I went to a party and wasn't afraid to sit in their garden chairs. Now when I go to a restaurant I always choose a booth instead on "needing" a table. When I go somewhere where there's a waiting room I no longer look for chairs without arms. For the 1st time in my life I'm not embarrassed to walk by people & if they laugh, thinking that they are talking & laughing about me.
  Oh yeah, when I go shopping I don't have to go to the largest sizes. I went to Wal-Mart to get some jeans. I went to the clearance rack as always and...they were all too big! I like to shop now, in the past I always shopped from the catalog. Right now I'm in a size 16 jean, down from a 36 this time last year. 
  This summer I took my 8yr old granddaughter to the playground and SHE pushed ME on the swing. Due to several back surgeries I walk with a cane b/c I have a problem with balance and when I have to walk outside, I use a mobility scooter. Before surgery I used to have to ride with her on my lap. A few months after surgery she could sit between my legs. Now she sits on the seat beside me.
  Now when I go a public restroom I can use a regular stall instead of the much larger handicapped one.
  I have also "discovered" parts of my body which were hidden before. For example, I have a collar bone, rib bones, hip bones and shoulder blades just to name a few. One day several months ago I felt a lump in my chest. OMG!!! I told my dd to feel it. She said "Mama, that's your breast bone." Whew! I have a neck, now I can finally wear long dangle earrings.
  One day my gd was hugging me & said, "wow Grandma, your back is hard." I told her it's b/c the cushion is gone, lol.
  I have more, but can't think of them right now. Do I have any regrets? Yes, that I didn't do it years ago.
  Since my last post, Evelyn is  home & doing well. I've talked to her a few times & she sounds great. I care a lot about her and feel really close to her. Is it strange to care so much for someone you've never met? She's about my daughter's age & her children are the same ages as my grands.

                                                       Dec. 22, 2007

  I got on the scale last night. 194!!! Wow, I got off & reweighed 3 times just to be sure I was seeing correctly.
  Since I last posted on 10-19 I'm down 13lbs, but I'd gained about 11 during that time. But still, I'm in the 1's!!!!
                                                 Sept. 13, 2008
  Wow, it's been almost 9 months since I last added to my profile. Well I'm down to 160lbs, just 10lbs from my personal goal. In my initial consult when asked what I'd like to weigh I said under 200 b/c I didn't want them to think I was being unrealistic, but 150 was what I really wanted.
  At 160 I don't consider myself small, but everyone says I am. Of course those who've known me for years can say that, but people I've just met say the same thing. Someone on the site posted that she had seen me at Dr. Prachand's office this past Wed but she was in a rush & didn't have a chance to talk. I thought I had a long way to travel to see him, (about 2 hrs by car or longer depending on traffic) but she had to get to the airport to catch a flight back to Pa. So I guess I'll shut up, lol.
  Ok, remember one of my goals was to go to 6 Flags & ride a roller coaster and bungee jump? Well the bungee is no longer there. Instead they have the Dare Devil Dive. I didn't do that one b/c by the time we got around to it, it was after 8 o'clock & it was closed. But I did every other ride there. I AM THE ROLLER COASTER QUEEN!! It was such a rush riding with my dd & grands.
  I've told you b/c of several back surgeries I have a problem walking, so I have a mobility scooter. So while everyone else had to stand in long lines for the rides, my fam & I had to get our card initialed to come back at a certain time. When we did, we'd go up the exit ramp & get right on.
  Quite a few people couldn't believe that this little old grey haired lady was going to get on the rides, lol. "Are you going to get on this ride?" And I'd respond, "is there a reason why I shouldn't?"
  We're going back next month, & The Dare Devil Dive will be the 1st stop. The only ride I didn't like was The Iron Wolf. That ride should have head restraints. The Superman was awesome, as was The V-2. IN FACT EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!! I'll get my gs to post pics. I HAD A BLAST Y'ALL!!!


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