Hello everyone!  My name is Charli but some people call me dJ.  I am 40+ years old and I am a 'yo-yo' weight loss person.  The more I have struggled with my weight the more I have gained back.  I have tried almost everything. I am in the lower BMI bracket but my health has started to suffer and I have several co-morbidities so I knew I needed to find a permanent tool to help me regain my health.  My sister talked me into going to an information meeting about surgical weight loss procedures and it gained momentum from there.  I work in healthcare and have met many successful gastric bypass surgery participants.  So here I am following my 'big' (for now-) sister. My family is extremely supportive in helping me regain my health. Some of my friends are being supportive and others are not, but it's my choice and my body.  I am tired of worrying about what else will go wrong with my health as I get older and am also tired of not being able to do all the outdoor activities I love - like K-9 search & rescue, hiking, swimming, etc.  I am looking forward to the new me!

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Oct 27, 2007
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