A little over three years out.... ALREADY

Jun 24, 2015

Ok, I haven't written anything in a long time and I haven't even visited the board very often recently. Living with the DS has just become completely normal to me by now. I remember the day I was rolled into the operating room, 318 lbs and scared of not waking up. I can laugh about that now. WAs it always easy?? NO!!!! Am I at the weight I was hoping for? NO!! I am now at 188 lbs. I think I look normal (at least in clothing), I am healthy, I can sit in a regular seat like a cinema or on a plane (without extension seatbelt) and I feel good. Yes, I would love to lose another 20lbs. But i know that in order to do that, I will have to really go back to basics and stick with it. At the moment though I am trying to figure other things out at the same time. Since losing the weight I have started running. I absolutely love it and I am now going to run my third full marathon. I still enjoy it but having the DS and fueling for something like that comes with different challenges :-)  So going really low carb at the moment is not really an option. So losing the last 20lbs will probably have to wait. But that is totally fine with me. I love life and the only thing I regret is that I didn't get the DS earlier in life. 


Already nearly 6 months out

Jul 17, 2012

I haven't updated this since even before surgery since I moved to the "other board". But for people who are still looking into this and especially looking for experiences with Dr. Wilson in Houston, I will put some of my experiences down here.

I had my surgery with Dr. Wilson on February 6, 2012. I was scared sh***less the morning of the surgery. I never had any kind of surgery before and a big surgery like this definately scared me. We got to the hospital at 6 am that morning and I was prepped and around 8 am they rolled me down to surgery. My husband was able to say his goodbye and i started crying...lol. Now I can laugh about it but at that point i was really scared. Once they rolled me into the operationg room Dr. Wilson said hi and that they were going to start very soon. The started giving me the anesthesia and the next thing i remember is waking up in recovery. I wasn't in any real pain at that point. I was just going in and out trying to keep my eyes open. They took me into my room and the surgeon assistant told me that everything went well. No complications, I got the full DS. I started crying again...this time because i was so happy.
The only problem i had that day was that I had been lying on my back for most of the day already and I couldnt feel my butt anymore. I desperately WANTED to get up and walk. After several attempts to get the nurse to let me walk, they finally called Dr. Wilson and he told them to let me get up. I got up just 2 hours after being rolled out of recovery. The first few steps were a little shaky but it was ok. I didn't feel any pain for some reason.
The next two days were a little difficult because I started feeling pain when I moved around in my bed from one side to the other. But it was barable for sure. On my second day i had to swallow the dye and get the xrays done to make sure there was no leak. Standing up straight by myself was a little shaky but it got better soon. I was able to start drinking small sips the same day and then was released on day four.

I had a smooth recovery. Once I got home I felt better within days and was able to walk around as if nothing happened in week two. I went back to work after three weeks and was absolutely fine. The hard part was the liquid diet and the mushy diet. I hated it. I surprisingly was able to drink and eat fine. No problems whatsoever. Once I got to the soft solid foods stage I was fine.

I dropped 43 lbs the first two months. Since then it slowed down a little obviously but I am still doing fine. I feel so much better, move around better, fit into clothes that I haven't worn for 15 years and can nearly eat anything by now. I tried to avoid simple carbs and eat my 100gr of Protein a day, take all of my vites and drink enough.
I am now 5 and a half months out and have lost a total of 102 lbs since my pre-op diet (86 since surgery). Getting the DS was the best choice I ever made.

Having Dr. Wilson as my surgeon was something I never regretted. He is very caring and does anything possible to make this as smooth as possible. About 4 weeks ago I had very strong pain in my abdomen and called his office on a Saturday evening. They told me to go straight to the ER and I did. Dr. Wilson wasnt in town that weekend but had his assistant surgeon drive to the hospital to check on me and called the ER doctor to make sure I get the treatment needed. It turns out that I had kidney stones and he put me back on the bariatric station for two nights and came right on Monday morning to check up on me. I felt very well taken care of.

My first visit with Dr. Wilson

Sep 29, 2011

Yesterday I finally met Dr. Wilson. He was great. He answered all my questions and agreed to give me a DS. Yeeeaaah. I also had my psych evaluation, my nutritionist appointment and got my Labs done too. I got all of my next appointments set up (including my EGD) and can hopefully submit my package to the insurance on December 21st. If it gets approved I might be having my surgery the end of January or the beginning of February. So excited.

I will start my pre-op diet. Dr. Wilson wants me to lose 18 lbs. I can definately do that. I am going to try and read as much as i can about post-op diet and vitamins since I think that the information from the nutritionist are probably not really sufficient. They said i need to take multivitamins and calcium citrate. I don't think that that is enough. But that is why i love this forum. Going to try and get as much information and advise as possible.


Getting started

Sep 26, 2011

I (like most people on here) have tried so many diets and lost weight just to regain all of it and then some. I am now 33 years old and I am scared of developing heart desease, diabetis or  other illnesses. I always considered myself to be relatively fit for my weight but lately i can feel my feet hurting and I am more and more tired. I also know that I can't lose the weight by myself. I need help.

I first thought about getting a lap band. I actually went to one of the seminars here in town. It was a hard sell seminar and they tried to push me to do self pay and schedule me for surgery just a few weeks after the seminar. Luckily my health insurance did not cover WLS. I came home and did some more research on the lap band and to find out if my husbands insurance would cover WLS since he was about to start a new job. His insurance does cover WLS and I found this website. I did alot of reading and then did my own research as well. I don't even know what I was thinking when considering Lap Band surgery. After research I know that the DS is the right surgery for me.

I have talked to the insurance company and have attended a seminar of one of the excellence centers that the insurance is willing to cover the surgery at. I am going to have my psych evaluation, nutritionist appointment and my first appointment with my surgeon this Wednesday. I am so excited but i still have a lot of questions. But I am glad to get the porcess started since I know that I will have to go through 3-4 months of pre-op dieting.

I will try and keep this updated since I enjoy reading others Blog's which I was able to learn alot from and I want to pass my experiences on.

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