need help making changes to profile please

Nov 17, 2008

Hey how in the world do I change things on here Like My BMI and surgery INFO??

I'm so confused Help any techno people out there lol lol most likely no techno needed just someone who knows more than me Please!!

17 days POST OP

Nov 17, 2008

Hi guys!

Well it's been a little over 14 days since my surgery and I'm feeling fine...

I've actually lost a total of 77 lbs now whoo hoo!

I'm suppose to have started pureed foods but I just don't know umm pureed lunchmeat umm ewww I did however try vegetarian refried beans I put a tsp of cottage cheese and a little salsa heated it up and enjoyed that I have been doing a high protein smoothie everyday sometimes twice..but tend to stick to my soup, yogurt and sf pudding...hmmm maybe I should try the pureed foods, it seems to me that refried beans is suppose to be that consistency right lol lol the other things just thinking about them make me queasy!!

So I think I might try canned chicken with some FF mayo, mustard and relish tonight I'll let you know how it goes!!

I have no pain anymore and I go to my surgeons office on DEC 4th for my checkup and I'm assuming a fill...

well I'll check back in and give any reports I have...

OH and Just An FYI: Make sure anyone who is having surgery soon takes this advice seriously WALK WALK WALK after surgery I swear that is the only way you'll get any comfort while all that GAS they put in you during surgey works it 's way out!!


surgery is over and done with whoo hoo

Nov 04, 2008

Ok guys, I did it I had the surgery and I came home that night!!

I'm sore of course and I do have to say for me the worst part is all the GAS they fill you up with it  is the awful!

wanting to burp and not being able to do so is very hard I feel like there is a bubble of air just sitting there wanting to come out!

I have 5 incisions and I started to walk an hour after I got out of recovery!

I am having a hard time getting in the liquids thus far but hopefully that'll get better with time!

The Hospital and staff were great and I do believe I have a great Surgeon.
My liver has been reported as BEAUTIFUL hahahahaha I've wanted to hear that for like forever!

I feel like There are a few areas that wont stop spasming and Again hopefully that'll stop soon too!

Well any questions Just ask.

Love you all,

I need some support from you guys!

Oct 29, 2008

Hi everyone, well finally I am ready for surgery and have lost 66lbs.

My surgery is scheduled for Friday the 31st "HALLOWEEN"

This has been a long long journey for me..I 've been on protein shakes for 3 months now and I'm actually scared seeing I have only ywo days left..

I need all the support I can get right now. Everyone who is not going through this lifelong choice is of course saying "you'll be fine , suck it up don't worry" well There's so much more to it. and that's where you all come in I'm so thankful for this site I wish I had some of your phone numbers so we could talk. I've almost backed out 3x's I guess I'm just a chicken!!

I'd love to hear from any of you, i've been horrible at getting on here lately!!

Much love

Feeling good about my choice

Aug 13, 2008

Okie dokie, well you know how I mentioned my Doc took me off one of my blood pressure pills, well..... i believe he acted prematurally. yesterday i felt a little strange as well today but even worse, i don't know what it feels like to have LOW BP but i know something just wasn't right sooooo today i took my pill and within 30-40 minutes i felt 50-60% better. So My feelings when the doc said to discontinue were right I was very hesitant..he's only seen 2 readings in a month, i called OWLS today and left a msg for him to let him know just to be on the safe side.. other than that I've been really hungry today which is out of the norm since I've started on these shakes hmmm weird oh well i'll hang in there.

Smooches to you all**

Dr Appointment

Aug 12, 2008

Whoo hoo I went to the Endroncronologist and in 34 days I have lost 32 lbs. yippee hooray, my doc was very very pleased with my progress!!

My Paperwork has now been looks like my surgery just might be in the next 6 weeks, I'm staying on the liquid diet until my surgery. long time I know but I know the more I lose the better for me!! OH YEAH, He took me off one of my Blood Pressure Pills hehehehe

Going to bed I just need to share


This is all new

Aug 02, 2008

So  here I am and So  far I'm LOVING  this site. I already feel  connected and feel  as though  there is hope for m support..don't  get me wrong I have    great   friends and they support me , BUT none of them  are  going  through  this  process  soooo  I'm so  excited to meet others  that  understand exactly  where I am what I feel and How  difficult it can be  to make the change into The ** NEW ME **

I'm going to be updating my profile soon, still fiquring  it all out

Smooches for now*


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need help making changes to profile please
17 days POST OP
surgery is over and done with whoo hoo
I need some support from you guys!
Feeling good about my choice
Dr Appointment
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