Jul 15, 2008

I had my appointment on Friday with Dr. Lenz. I just haven't had time to write because my proposal was due to my advisor yesterday (and made it there on time!).  Kim met me there as I really felt like I might chicken out.  She has been incredible ~ and she hasn't told anyone.  I registered at 7:45 a.m. The receptionist was very nice.  The only issue was that she really wanted my work phone number.  I told her she could have it but that I was never there. If they need to reach me they should call my cell. After that was resolved, all was fine.

Dr. Lenz's nurse was wonderful. She went through my paperwork and entered info into the computer. I had to admit that I took Flintstone's chewable vitamins and she said she was happy I was taking anything. She totally understood the gag reflux from large pills. I just can't say enough about how nice she was.

Two medical students came in with Dr. Lenz. Since Kim had told me I wouldn't need to undress, I welcomed them. We talked about what I wanted and why. By the time we were done, he said I would be an excellent candidate for the surgery ... and my BMI was slightly over 40 (40.7?) so I would qualify. The funniest part, though, was when he was listening to my heart, lungs, and abdomen and said, "You have good sounding bowels."  I thought I would spit -- it was so funny.

I didn't ask him about the insurance as I wanted to work that out myself. Another assistant, then, made me appointments for the nutritional evaluation and the psychological evaluation. I was very impressed with how fast the appointments were made and with the explicit instructions given -- even down to "allow 4 hours for this one -- it's long!"

On Monday morning (yesterday), I called HealthPartners and spoke to a super nice woman named Stephanie. I explained that my surgeon was no on their "designated WLS surgeons" and asked if she could give me more information. I really tried to frame it that there was no one on the list from "outstate" Minnesota.  All the doctors were in the metro area. Since HealthPartner's just adopted this policy (less than a month ago) I asked if more doctor's would be added.  She did state that this was the policy, but added that she wanted to look into it more because I did have a good point that the travel was unacceptable to those patients living so far away. I said I would appreciate that.  Within 15 minutes, she had news that the policy would be waived as long as my surgeon was on their network list (which Dr. Lenz is!!!).  Additionally, my coverage is 100% as long as I'm qualified (which Dr. Lenz said I would be). YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!


Five Days Til Appointment

Jul 07, 2008

My first appointment is on Friday.  I cannot wait. I did some research on my insurance company.  On June 1, 2008, they changed their requirements. While my potential surgeon and his hospital are within my network, the insurance is now requiring that one of their "designated WLS surgeons" perform the surgery.  All of them are a minimum of 150 miles away instead of 15 blocks. I'm crushed that this might fall through.  I'm a single mom with two small kids who cannot just take off for a week to have surgery three hours away. One of my friends who had surgery four years ago (also with Dr. Lenz) said to just be cool and talk with the doctor's assistant on Friday to see what my options are. It's probably good advice.  7/7/08

In Waiting Mode

Jun 19, 2008

While waiting for my July appointment, I've been reading the OH message boards religiously.  There is such a wealth of information and experience that it can be overwhelming, but it's also great to read about things I had never considered.  For example, when I went to the seminar, I was bound and determined that the Lapband was the only thing for me. Dr. Lenz brought up, though, that some people don't like the idea of "something" being inside of them. On the boards, I have read about people and their ports. This has combined to make me reconsider my stubborness about not looking at other options. I'm the type that has the have the blankets and pillows JUST right or I can't sleep. 

Meanwhile, I inquired about my insurance.  I would be covered for either Lap or RNY for 100% if ....  the big option is that there's documentation that I have had a BMI of over 40 for two years.  I'm sure that my primary physician has my weights documented, but I've probably vascillated between about 39-42 over the past two years. I don't know if that time of 39 will end up hurting my chances.  The other option is the additional morbities (sp?). I've never been told I have any of them so ...  I have faith, though, that Dr. Lenz' office will know how to guide me.  6/19/2008

Seminar Evening

Jun 13, 2008

I attended a local weight loss surgery information seminar last night. A friend went with me for support, and I'm so glad she did. I actually sat in the car in the parking lot vascillating about whether or not to go in.  If she hadn't been inside, I wouldn't have felt the guilt about standing her up. The doctor's assistant was incredibly welcoming. The surgeon was running late as his last surgery for the day became a bit complicated (but turned out fine) so she took that time to set up appointments with anyone who knew already that they wanted to schedule one. My friend, who lost over 100 pounds after surgery with the same surgeon, convinced me to make an appointment.  She said, "You can always cancel...even up to right before the actual surgery.  You can cancel or say 'no' whenever you might need to." So my apointment is scheduled for July 11. For now I'm going to work on three goals:  drinking water, walking, weaning off Diet Coke. 6/13/2008

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