anniversary coming

Mar 04, 2009

Doing fantastic.  99 lbs lost.  Hope to break 100 lbs by my 1 year anniversary.\\



Dec 15, 2008

Well I have almost completed 9 months.

11/17 I fell and broke my right arm and roltator cuff.  Been living in a sling to hopefully avolid surgery.  My doc says he thinks mother nature is doing her thing, especially if I follow orders.  

I am a one arm bandit, not able to do much since it is my right hand, which is my dominant hand.

I am at 91 lbs gone and that is wonderful, since I can't be active.

Not released to work as of yet, and can't drive.

I completed graduate school 12/5.

Bought and wore my first pair of knee boots.  

Life is good..

80 lbs gone YIPPPPEEE

Oct 06, 2008

Latest accomplishment.

80 lbs gone and 61" lost,

I cannot describe how I am feeling,.this time last year I was contemplating on having this surgery.   

I am so glad I did it,

7 weeks left of school...and counting.



Sep 29, 2008

Well, I have been taken off 3 medications.  My cholesteral was 111.  My weight as of today is 223.  I am wearing a size 14 top and 16 bottom.

Boy talking about going into never, never land.  I was asked the other day:  When was the last time I wore a size 14....don't recall. 

8 more weeks and I complete graduate school, BOY AM I READY.

A WOW MOMENT.  I purchased a pair of DESIGNER JEANS by Michael Kras (SP)    that were regularly $119 for $20 and actually got into them last week.   My kids are proud mom is wearing designer clothes.  LOLOLOL

Dr Weaver was the one who told me who he was....cause I just knew he had to be somebody to want me to pay $119 for the jeans.  They have leather filligree back pockets...and are white.   So you know I have to be careful where I sit.  That is a tall order for someone who is use to just being able to sit....if the seat fit. LOLOLOL

Miss ya'll but life is really hectic because of school and other stuff.  Hopefully will settle down after Dec 4.


finally the scale is moving

Sep 05, 2008

Two days ago I was down to 230,

However, we have had a lot of loss in the last couple of weeks, so I have been stressed.

My father in law died last Thursday and we buried him on Labor Day.

My son's employee died 2 weeks ago, my husband's uncle the next day, and my son'[s grandmother 2 days later.

4 deaths in 14 days is enough.

Plus I am back in school, working on my last semester.

Please pray for me to have the strength to endure the next few months.


down to 231

Aug 24, 2008

Have hit the magic # of 70 lbs gone.  Seems such a big number.  Like a small child's weight.  A little overwhelming as my head still has not caught up with what my eyes see.  I am having a lot of compliments from people that haven't seen me in a couple of years.  That does feel really good.  Venturing in to those kinds of items I always wished I could boots, like those nice looking lingere.

Down to 233 68 lbs

Aug 14, 2008

Saw Kat (nutritionist) yesterday,  I am at 35%  the doctor's goal is at 50% at 1 year,  So I am way ahead.

Had my 5 month pic made as she will be on maternity leave when I am  6 months out,

Doing wonderful.

Exactly 60 lbs gone YIPPPPEEEE

Jul 04, 2008

I am so excited.  I have lost enough this month to be exactly 60 lbs gone.  I don't recall ever loosing I can't imagine the struggle of loosing that much and putting it back on and more.  

I am on the verge of getting into the 230's and that is where my memory is very fuzzy.  I am presently wearing XL and visiting the Ladies Department to purchase clothing versus the Women's Department and that is definitely a new experience.  My husband was looking for me in a store the other day and he usually finds me in the Women's Dept.  Had to explain where I know I did it with EMPHASIS...LADIES not WOMENS Department.  He didn't even know where it was and had to tell him where to find that department.  More WOW moments,

I have also lost 53" so far.  


finally below 100 lbs left to loose

Jun 05, 2008

I reached another goal.  Today I weighed in at 249.4 which puts me at 99 lbs left to loose.  Boy that # looks great.

I have had a stall the last 10 days and was getting worried.

Will measure again soon.


measurement and weight update

May 14, 2008


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80 lbs gone YIPPPPEEE
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Down to 233 68 lbs
Exactly 60 lbs gone YIPPPPEEEE
finally below 100 lbs left to loose
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