always been "the fat kid" for as long as I can remember... yet have always lived with it and got by with a combination of humor (I'd often joke it off) or intimidation (in addition to being the fattest, I was up until 10th or 11th grade, also the tallest... size DOES matter sometimes LOL)

My final breaking points... within the past year, I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, NAFLD (fatty liver) and GERD (esophagitis (sp?)).... I also have an arthritis problem with my knees that has been getting increasingly worse since the original injury which brought on the arthritis.  (traumatic injury to a joint can "plant the seed" so to speak, for arthritis according to my orthopedist)

On top of all the bad stuff in the previous paragraph, I have a 3 y/o son who is great... getting more and more active, interested in more things (as they usually do) and wants to do stuff with dad... which breaks my heart, as I sometimes find myself coming up with excuses as to why we can't play out in the yard.  between the pain in my knees, and my overall often crappy feeling, I usually don't last too long out there.... then he (understandably) gets upset that daddy stopped playing.

as smart as he is, at 3 he just can't comprehend that daddy's just too fat to play the way he wants for any length of time.  I'll push him on the swing, or catch him at the bottom of a slide all day... but obviously, he gets board with that after a while and wants to play things like tag, baseball, soccer... and I just can't do it.

so I did lots of research on the web... I had actually been looking into it for about 3 months or so before signing up here at OH... I don't know why, I just didn't ok? LOL

after checking around, e-mails, phone calls, etc, I settled on the group at Manhattan Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery.  For the procedure I wanted (Duodenal Switch) I had no choice but to travel a bit for my surgery.... meaning, either drive 2-3 hours north to Adirondack Medical Center or south to one of the 3 or 4 groups in NYC who handle the DS..... well, the choice was clear.  Not knocking AMC at all... but let's face it... if you were to have major complications either while ON the table, or during recovery, where would YOU rather be???  a hospital that's all by itself in the middle of (almost) nothing in the beautiful adirondack mountains of NY?  or in a hospital in NYC where there are a plethora of specialists all over town... and even other hospitals if needed.  Of course, the bariatric center at AMC has put out many successful cases, and I was (am) probably worried over nothing... but it still makes me feel more at ease.

I think I've gone and put too much in this "my story".... maybe some of this should have gone in "my blog"?  ahh... it's all new, and none of us knows what we're doing anyway LOL

see you in my blog.



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