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Mar 09, 2009

So I was on a little bit of a plateau for a little while, but it seems to have broken and I'm down to 289. That's about 113 down from my highest, and almost halfway to my goal. I feel better and better. I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and my Little Brother and I often go outside to play. He's very energetic, and I'm proud to say that I can (almost) keep up with him. Two weeks ago we played soccer. He definitely won, but I hung in there. Basketball last week was the same story - I was amazed that I can actually semi-run now without wanting to die. I haven't felt like that since I was probably twelve.

I figured out how to get protein!! Muscle Milk Light, while terribly expensive ($4 for a 14 oz bottle), is actually really good. No sugar, no lactose, 20-25 grams of protein per bottle, and I can actually drink it without losing it. Don't anybody even tell me anything bad about it. I swear, if there's one of those ridiculous restrictions on it, like once you get the surgery you can't absorb that kind of protein or whatever, I don't even want to know about it. Hahaha.

This website I like,, was selling a "grab bag" shirt a couple weeks ago. You pick a size, and for $6.66 (free shipping) they send you a random shirt from their warehouse. They were out of the size I wanted (2x) so I opted for a WXL instead, knowing that even if it's too small, it won't be too long before it fits. I got it in the mail the other day, and while it is a little too small, I could actually put it on, in a skin-hugging, suck-in-your-gut kind of way. And it's cute! And it was 6 bucks! I'm pleased.

But it's exacerbated the fact that all my shirts are now monstrously too big for me. I'm going clothes shopping tomorrow at Wal-Mart though. Ordinarily I wouldn't shop at Wal-Mart, especially not for clothes. I hate Wal-Mart. But I'm super broke and I'm giving my roommate a ride there anyways, so I'll probably just cough up 40 bucks and get a few shirts to wear that aren't circus tents on me.

The quarter's almost over. It was a doozy - like I've said repeatedly, I've never been so busy. I'd like to say that next quarter I'll be better about going to the gym and whatnot, but here is a makeshift chart demonstrating why that won't be possible.

12 credits15 credits
Mostly philosophy classesTwo philosophy classes, an English, and a Computer Science
One jobTwo jobs
Not thinking about the GREsStudying for the GREs
Barely thinking about Grad SchoolApplying for grad school
Did not go to the gym???

So you can fill in your own inference there.

Okay, gotta go to class.


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