Wii Fit and the January Gym Promise

Dec 26, 2009

My mom got Wii Fit for Holiday and I played with it a little bit. It was actually really fun. Although I haven't weighed in a while, according to the game, I'm at 216 pounds, with a Wii Fit Age of 23. Not too shabby, especially since my 15-year-old sister was 30. (What matters is the difference between your actual age and your Wii Fit age: +1 year for me, +15 for my sister, etc.)

Anyway, I don't think I'm very out of shape. I can exercise a pretty decent amount before I start to feel winded, and I really want to start jogging or something. Next quarter marks my return to a sane schedule and I should have time to do things like that. The problem is my knee - I hurt it a few years ago and it's been aching all the time lately. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to get it operated on at some point, but it's not an option right now. The pain makes it difficult to walk long distances, let alone run.

So I'm thinking of - you guessed it - going to the gym starting in January. As if nobody has thought of that before. But I have a friend who got a personal trainer through the gym on campus, and it was relatively cheap. If I could do that and find someone who'll take my terrible knee into consideration, I might be able to find some good low-impact stuff that'll target the areas I want to work on without putting me in a wheelchair. Maybe I'll even be able to tighten up some of the loose skin and make it so I'm not so gross to look at without the plastics I can't get. 

I'll just have to beat back all the other people who will be storming the gym next quarter, haha.


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