Apr 14, 2009

Hi Everyone,  I just figured out how to post my history. (actually my husband showed me) Before I forget can those who are really talented with decorating their page help me and my husband and tell us how we can add life to ours? Now, the update:
I have struggled to stay encouraged. My husband has been a trooper keeping me encouraged. I am still battling 3-5 pounds weekly. I have been sent for further testing because I had become sick for 1.5 months at the end of last year and they never find out why. I became anemic so the doctor needed answers.  Got prayer, got tested and I am now at the normal blood level, and cancer was ruled out. Thank you Jesus!
I have finally received a email from my surgeon in Fremont, CA and he said everything was complete, to call his secretary. Called her and she stated she would locate my file and place it on his desk for the final go ahead.

If you recall, it has taken an extra year due to our insurance ending because of the change in jobs. Well, pray......my husbands job is talking of more layoffs, and that means IF he is one, there goes the insurance again. I will be devestated!
This has been a long haul and I am right at the door now. Pray I get the call THIS WEEK WITH A VERY CLOSE DATE FOR SURGERY! I want to be on the loosers bench so bad. I made it to 257, right now I am retaining fluid for some reason and I am one that really watch the sodium intake. This morning I was 262 which is still my 10% goal weight but I need it down so incase their scale weigh higher.


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