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Jul 14, 2009

Loosers Bench.......finally after a long haul and back and forth things with the doctor and nurse.  I had my RNY on June 23. 2009 in Fremont, CA with Dr. E. Hahn.  It was a very painful journey for me. I can finally say that  I am post-op!
My 10 percent lost was to get from 291 (my highest weight) to 262. On surgery day I was 257 on the day after surgery I was 277, lots of fluid.
I have only lost 5 actual pounds because the first 20 was the fluid they put on me for surgery. I havent been able to eat much, they put me on stage 3 on my 2 week check up and I couldnt handle it and I am back on stage 2. I have found the only meat I can eat is the thin deli meat and very little of that with out bringing it up, but I can eat fish with no problem but very little of that, so far 1 tablespoon of tuna is ok.
I have been working out at the gym on the treadmill for an hour in the mornings and sometime I walk around the park for 2 miles if it is not too hot. I wear a brace around my midsection for support because I am still in pain but only in one area that they had to cut into the large muscle due to a lot of scar tissue that had attached itself.
Although the beginning is rough, I am so thrilled and would do this again in a heart beat. Im very excited and I thank God all in the middle of the night, when I roll over, when I walk, and when I am just sitting I thank God for this powerful tool.
I cant wait for the pounds to start dropping off, I do believe I notice a few inches off but not enough to say wow.

I will keep you posted and one day soon when there is a difference I will post some pictures.


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